Urban Gardening and Exterior Decorating
Location: Version Kuntshalle at Iron Studios 3636 S Iron St. 4th Floor (enter through side)
Hours: Opening Saturday April 22, 2006 5pm - 2am
Tickets: $10/$5 students (free on April 23, May 6 and 7)

Urban Gardening and Exterior Decorating (UGED)

How can urban environments become areas for personal and ideological transformations? How can artists create charged public space? In this show we expose the dynamics and aesthetics of street art and recent guerrilla communication. We consider public space in urban environments as a forum for change, and explore, visually, ways of altering and reclaiming our surroundings. At the opening we complement the UGED show with a special DIY Publishing workshop, Instant Printing silk screening, live drawing/illustrating duels and more. Complementary issues of the new Select 9 Agit Prop Poster Magazine will be given away as well as Urban Gardening Kits made of cut outs, stickers, stencils and other ephemera created by this years selected participants.

Featuring work and projects by:

Thor, Michael DeFeo, Barnstormers, John Duda, Stick>05, You Are Beautiful, Sonny, Sighn, Propella, Josh Mac Phee, Ethos, Upso, Ryan Giese, Joe Compean, Melt, Phoneticontrol & PBS, $erge, Mike Genovese, Jon Bollo, Goons, Omgz, Stomach, Viking, Go Postal!, The Sevenist, Devin Kenney, Chris Uphues, Elisa Harkins, Anthony Lewellen, Ninja Girl, Ringo, Edmar, Randall Bailey, Chris Damage, Gary Kachadorian, Graffiti Cañí, Ryan Watkins-Hughes, Randy Rowles, Ryan Duggan, J. Rountree, Adrian Lohmüller, Jenny Carden, Yes Duffy, Ryan Davies, Aay Preston Myint, Myles, Steve Walters, Paul Nudd, Robin Cameron, Bill Mackey, ATX, Ivan Ivanoff, Jose Jimenez, Jeremey Thompson, Alvaro Ilizarbe and others. On Display until May7, 2006.

Exhibition Hours are Saturday and Sundays noon to 5pm. UGED Exhibition will be open during other Version>06 Kuntshalle Programs.