Location: Version Kuntshalle Iron Studios 3636 S Iron St 4th floor
Hours: Opening April 29 Noon to 2am and April 30 Noon to 10pm
Admission: $10/$5 for students

The NFO EXPO (pronounced "info expo") brings art groups, activists, spaces, individual artists and community projects together to exchange information and ideas as well as provide a public platform for each group/individual to present themselves. Through the simple presentation format of a booth or table, based on a science fair model, we will facilitate straight-forward exchanges about what is going on locally in various communities, from disparate neighborhoods in Chicago, to others from around the world. Artist projects and installations will also be exhibited in the space.

Exhibitors, Installations and Participants
PublicActs, Chicago Art Department, Uphues Projects Williamsburg, Anti-Advertising Agency, Charles H. Kerr Publishing, Sensory Habitation, Chicago Tapes Project, Heaven Gallery, European Green Card Lottery project, Corpus Corpus, Rua Minx and Friends (Houston), Bureau of Workplace Interruptions, Co-Op Image, Booster and Seven, Structures Without Integrities, Bike Escorts, Country Club, Rock Paper Scissors (Oakland), IPF Collective, Mule (Knoxville), House of Payne, The Lottery Project, Who Gets the Privilege of Disappointing Me Next?, Research & Development, Art Shanties Project, Working Bikes, Fraction Workspace, Yes Duffy, Three Walls, Cat Jams, Busker Chicago, CWLU, Elastic Arts 3030, Sebastien Oliviet, Chicago Underground Library, Jessica Mac Cormack, Ministry of Walking, WPBR, Map Hub, PlaceKraft, Anti-gravity Surprise, All Rise Gallery, Jessica Mac Cormack, Imaginary Cities, Protest Songbook, Michael Rhea, Black Box, and many others.