Underground Multiplex
Buddy / Heaven / highschool

1542 - 1550 N. Milwaukee Ave. 2nd & 3rd floors
6:30 pm – 1am $5 donation – free popcorn

Monday. We relax. We eat dinner together with our visiting artists at Highschool around 6:30 pm and take in an evening of short video programs and documentaries from a cast of international video festivals, collectives and directors. Taking the theme of the multiplex - where often times people see more than one movie for the price of one admission - visitors wander through our temporary multiplex, watch multiple video programs and eat as much popcorn that they can.

6:30 pm Artist dinner (buddy) Version registration pass holders welcome.

6:30 pm Opening Version>05 Multiplex Exhibit
Heaven - 1550 N. Milwaukee Ave. 2nd floor
See side bar below

7:30 pm Screenings at Buddy, Heaven, and/or Highschool and the rooftop.

Buddy Bling Room
1542 N Milwaukee ave 2nd floor

promotional still from "P" by Yuri A

8pm Version Selections 70 minutes
Version>05 features selected experimental and illegal art projects in this shorts program Featuring: The Machine Age by Nicholas Monsour, Johnny’s Grill by Zachary Hall, American Girl by Amy Cargill , You Are Not Alone by Ania Greiner, Gesture Lesson by Regis Ferguson Collective, Eternal Shame by Terry Cuddy, Saturday Morning By Dillon de Give, Cobra vs GI Joe by Gate, P by Yuri A, Batterie RK Schlagzeugen by Carsten Aschmann, DsX videos by Thomas Dumke, work by Richard Siska and Marion by Ry Russo-Young.

9:30 pm Digital Disobedients 60 min
Videos from Digital Disobedients #1 and a sneak preview of the upcoming issue. This is a diverse selection of videos of net art projects and digital media projects. Videos range from short documentary to music video. C-Level's Waco Resurrection takes footage from the game and is set to David Koresh singing "The Book of Daniel". Re-Code Commercial No.1 explains how to use the web site re-code.com to get cheap groceries. All City Council explains how to use a computer application to generate ascii stickers of NYC's All City Council to put up in public spaces. NikeGround: Rethinking Space shows how an Austrian collective pulled a prank on Nike via performance and the web. Screening includes these videos and more.

11 pm Media That Matters Film Festival 90 min
MediaRights' fourth annual Media That Matters Film Festival has chosen 16 short films on the burning topics of today: Corporate Accountability, Sustainable Agriculture, Civil Liberties, Youth Media and more. http://www.mediathatmattersfest.org

highschool Docs Room
1542 N Milwauke Ave 3rd floor

8pm End of Suburbia 80 min
Since World War II North Americans have invested much of their newfound wealth in suburbia. It has promised a sense of space, affordability, family life and upward mobility. As the population of suburban sprawl has exploded in the past 50 years, so too the suburban way of life has become embedded in the American consciousness.

9:30 pm: The Take By Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis (2004) 87 min
Filmed in Argentina over the course of eight months, The Take documents the beginnings of a new social movement that took place under the radar of the world's media. The recent economic crisis that shattered Argentina caused widespread dislocation and pushed more than half the population into extreme poverty. However, at two hundred factories, schools, supermarkets, and health clinics, something remarkable happened: rather than allowing their workplaces to be closed down, they turned these bankrupt businesses into productive, democratically-run cooperatives. The Take tells this story of working people forging genuine alternatives to the brutal economic realities of the Washington Consensus--a story whose implications are universal, and more important than ever.'

11pm Taliban Country Carmela Baranowska (2004) 45 min
Taliban Country is a disturbing exposé of American actions in Afghanistan. Journalist Carmela Baranowska spent three weeks embedded with the marines. She then returned in secret to document what was really happening. It’s a story of prisoners abused and villagers humiliated. This report prompted a US inquiry.

1550 N Milwuakee Ave 2nd floor

Book of Daniel by C-Level

7:30pm Statement Blues/Rafilm Collective program 45 min
The Swedish based film and video collective creates compelling mini-docs and animations about issues of relevance to their communities and the rest of the world.

8:30pm In Sub_urban Video Lounge 60 min
Post St.Joost is the Master Education program of Academy of the Arts St. Joost in Breda. The fine art department curated a program of 13 short video-works made by both students and tutors. The program shows an amusing mix of beauty and intelligent humor or, like said by a member of the group: 'something light to go with the coffee'

10pm Invincible Desire curated by Heaven 50 min
This program is in connection with the Heaven Gallery Screening Series. The Heaven Film/Video community responded to the call for work that applied to the theme of the Version 05' festival, "Invincible Desire". To an artist, and in this case the art of motion picture, the issue and pull of Desire is a decisive part of the creative act. Art fulfills the desire to create or illustrates and expresses a desire. In the past year HVN's screening series have increasingly requested thematic submissions and in doing so we have created a dialogue between the gallery and the artists and then between the artists themselves. A loose community of filmmakers evolved. This cohesion is a united response or creative echo to the communities we live and work in. This program includes recent work by Matthew Stenerson, Mary Sherer, Jason Britski and more.

Selected screening wil be presented with a pirate television simulcast!

Installations at the Multiplex

GLACK by Svetlana and Andi Wallwhore

Gun Control by Scott Kildall is an electromechanical installation uses a police-issue revolver and a small video camera to track the audience. Gun control is a response to questions concerning security-surveillance apparatus.

I Am Innocent, I Am Evil by Aya Lafillette: The interactive installation asks participants to choose between "I am innocent" and "I am evil", with the responses producing a sound installation. This dialogue addresses the contradictions of our society by engaging in-depth the comparative adjectives we use everyday.

TeleAutomaton by David Marine

by Svetlana and Andi Wallwhore: A post-porn silent interactive video, Ovarium channels the nonsense of USA corporate media doublespeak from Vaudeville burlesque to banal camp. "This is propaganda expressing itself. It is broken down directly for you" — Agitprop.

Can We Communicate by Clara Alcott Is an experiment in containing emotion and the ability to connect with the viewer in one slow shot, this piece is 16mm Reversal Speed Study, digitized.




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