Version>05 will take place in Chicago April 22-May 1, 2005.

Version>05>Invincible Desire will examine the activities of local configurations and external networks that use visual art, innovative socsial practices, artist initiatives, creative uses of new technologies, organizing strategies and public interventions in order to engage in cultural reclamation.

Through a diverse program featuring an experimental art expo, artistic disturbances, networked urban events, screenings, interactive applications, performances, workshops, art rendez-vous, parties, and action, Version>05 will investigate the urgency for interventions in everyday life, the organization of our shared interests, and the distribution of our ideas.

We will convene in Chicago for a nine day open laboratory to explore a diversity of tactics and strategies to activate our communities and amplify our ideas. The city of Chicago will be used as a map to examine everyday microactions. Blueprints will be unveiled to strengthen emerging alliances and counter institutions. Alternative spaces will be open for staging actions. Public spaces and corporate places will be terrains of intervention.

We seek to explore methods to enjoin the public in a dialogue about pressing issues and ideas of our age. We want to share you’re your everyday micro actions as well as projects and activities that can help us to transform personal and shared environments. It is our hope that Version>05 will offer ways to practice social engagement and produce instruments of transformation during these dark ages.

Please submit your project here.