Noon: Invisible College @ buddY - Map Hub Project Brainstorm
- Carbon Defense League
MapHub is a web-based, multi-user, group managed information storage system and map. Collecting information about people, places, events, and notes, can help to document unseen narratives and histories where useful in public or private theme-based group maps. The project is in development and potential system level changes can be discussed during the brainstorm session.

1PM-ON: buddY - Secret history of Chicago Tour
- Speed Levitch
Director Richard Linklater (School of Rock) calls Timothy "Speed" Levitch a "chiropractor of the brain." He is a freelance urban philosopher, a cult hero, and the most famous tour guide on the planet. He will conduct a tour using mass transit. meet at buddy at 1pm to join the tour.


2PM: Invisible College @ buddY - Radical Group Therapy - Marc Herbst
Some say that the right has it easy because they march behind a hierarchical god who is allknowing and allpowerfull. All internal conflicts are smoothed over because the big guy knows how to make people dance when he wants them to (see the old testament, koran, revalations etc... for references). Us folks who actually try to engage in freedom have it tough, we praise a lack of heirarchy and open sourced tactics as the real deal. Fortunately, this leaves a lot of room interpersonal drama that may get in the way of our affectiveness. This seminar deals with creative solutions to that problem.

6pm: Invisible College @ buddy - Prison complex - Presentations by My Dads Strip Club, Trevor Paglen, and Richard Dedomenici
What kinds of projects are artists producing to critique and analyze prison systems? The participants have been invited to Version>04 to discuss their work around prisons and to discuss with other activists and artists about future projects. My Dads Strip Club presents a selection of UK and US artists work relating to prisoner solidarity and profiles prisoners in need of our support. This will be backed up by a local response in relation to the State of Illinois Department of Corrections. Trevor Paglen is an experimental geographer and low-intensity insurrectionist who has worked with the group Critical Resistance in recording the carceral landscapes of the California prison system - the single largest in the world following China & the US as a whole itself. Richard Dedomenici is a "UK-based one-man think-tank dedicated to the development and implementation of subversive strategies to undermine accepted belief systems and topple existing power structures". Dedomenici was arrested in 1999 for trying to break in to a Welsh prison, and will talk about other interventions he has been involved with. How can creative insurrectionists overcome "Law 'n Order" propaganda to communicate realities of the Prison Industrial Complex to the public?

8 pm: heaven - The Yes Men (part of Digital Disobedients show)
- Tyler Nordgren
The Yes Men have impersonated some of the world's most powerful criminals at conferences, on the web, and on television, in order to correct their identities


TIME (6-11pm) : 1/Quarterly –
1355 North Milwaukee Avenue, 3rd Floor, phone:(773) 252-7780

You are/ I am - You are beautiful
Each person responds separately to these two statements. As the responses are collected, the line of distinction between You Are and I am blurs.

You are beautiful- You are beautiful
This project uses the tools of advertising and street art to spread a positive message. The attempt with You Are Beautiful is to create activism instead of consumerism.

WTJ - Richard Dedomenici (The Third Coming)
If two of the largest manmade structures ever constructed can be destroyed in a matter of hours, then what does that say about the other supposed constants in our lives? Richard Dedomenici's sculpture 'WTJ' is a scale model of the World Trade Centre assembled from 198 wooden Jenga blocks, individually hand coloured with a marker pen.

Working Together to Serve You Better - Matthew Steinke
Working Together to Serve You Better involves plastic, electronics, motors, trash, dirt, food, and ants. The ants, contained in clear plastic vessels and tubes interact with electromechanical and sound devices fabricated from plastic trash.

They Rule
- Josh On
They Rule is a launchpad for investigating corporate power relationships in the United States.

Preface: A Handbook for forecasting social spaces - Amy Balkin
Online project. These architectures arise from a transformative -generative approach to forecasting for social spaces, resulting in a class of structures crafted to respond to the everyday problems of living. When we undertook this project, our goal was to create a compendium of this new architecture; a taxonomic record is also pending. These shelters and places, while unlikely, are probable some are currently in development.

7:30pm: Storefront Theater - The Alchemy of Tulips-Joseph Ravens/ Ravenous Productions
66 E. Randolph Street, $15 admission fee
Laced with beauty, greed, and mass hysteria, The Alchemy of Tulipsis a work of performance art inspired by the extraordinary history of the tulip and the strange historical phenomenon called Tulipmania.


Friday April 30 9pm $7

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