12pm : Loop - Insecurity Guard - My Dads Strip Club
(The Third Coming)
Insecurity Guard Investigation
Under the present panic regime it appears that anxious publics are willing to put up with many more intrusions, interceptions, delays and questions than was the case before 9/11. Insecurity Guard plays with a reversal in roles to test how far do subjects collude with, negotiate and resist practices that are intrusive?

12PM - (TBA): Loop - Chicago Metropolis -The Children’s Studio Presents:
Allan Bailey, David Choi , Erin Henry, David J Merritt
In this new foray the rogue creatures Space Invader and Organic Man attempt to better understand the world around them while trying help their friends. Through disguise, stealth, cunning and jolly wit the two misfits attempt to map out the invisible network and use it to connect with ‘the tech’, which is said to hold secrets no man or creature has ever known.

TIME: (TBA): LOCATION (TBA) - Final Countdown
- Avangard
Body contours, identical to those the policemen draw to the crime scene, appear overnight to some public space in Chicago, preferably to the ground of some public square. The white body contours give the impression of the battle that took place in the night. The bodies seem to have been falling to the both sides of an invisible fire line. In between of body contours in different poses there are contours of the weapons: machine guns and revolvers. There are tens and tens of body contours, covering most of the ground of the public square.

7pm buddy


TIME 6pm: Chicago Cultural Center Cassidy Theater - ICE
- Robert Kramer
A special screening of SAIC "TERROROSM: a Media History" class
Casidy Theater in The Chicago Cultural Center
In the not-so-far-away future a group of young revolutionaries, militants in the National Committee of Revolutionary Organizations, are preparing to come out of hiding by engaging in guerrilla actions. Meanwhile, in Mexico the Liberation Front is combating the United States. The objective is to link up the white revolutionaries with the blacks, Puerto Ricans, and Mexicans, who are all subject to the same exploitation and violence but divided by their inability to understand each other. The heads of the Committee find that they have to face the uncertainties, doubts, and fears of the militants themselves. The revolutionary offensive breaks out. Subversive newspapers are distributed. An army colonel is killed. A refinery is blown up. Prisons and radio and television stations are assaulted. After the police eliminate the group's leader, his place is taken by Jim, who gives instructions to one of his comrades from a telephone booth, announcing the next decisive battle.
(1969 / USA / English / B&W / TRT: 132 min / 16mm)

8pm buddy – The Fourth Wolrd War.(Big Noise Films) sneak preview screening)