Noon- 5PM: The Austin Town Hall- Austin Walking Tour
- Jim Duignan and Michael Piazza/ Stockyard Institute
Central Avenue (5600 W.) and Lake Street (200 N.)
The Stockyard Institute will initiate its first annual Austin Walking Tour as its contribution to Version 04> invisibleNetworks. The Austin Walking Tour will be held on the grounds around the Austin Town Hall at Central Avenue (5600 W.) and Lake Street (200 N.) on Sunday April 25 from 12 noon to 5pm. The Austin Walking Tour will be a community collaboration to address neighborhood concerns and celebrate community involvement.

There will be a continual radio transmission throughout the area with potential for live and recorded work, a video screening area, and sites for work stations or site-specific installation/performance. There will be exhibition of community work as well as documentation of a fax exchange between community members in the Deptford neighborhood of London, England and the Austin neighborhood.


19 N. Peoria No. 2A, Chicago
Tel: (312)209-3241

1PM:ThreeWalls- Altering Consumer Media Products – Electrodist

See description April 18

4PM:ThreeWalls - -The Toyshop Collective – The Toyshop Collective
The Toyshop Collective is about 15 to 20 people, most of whom have background as artists and are people who are trying to create their own space in New York city and in the New York art world. Part of their objective is to break down the barriers between the specific spaces that you go to to experience art, and the ability create things and enjoy the creations of others in the more functional parts of your daily life, like walking down the street, or riding the subway to work. Members of the Toyshop Collective will be giving a presentation on their work and leading a workshop on urban landscaping at ThreeWalls.

8PM: Highschool/buddY or wicker park


TIME (TBA): (buddy) - April 25th March for Women's Lives Washington, DC
- The Pink Bloque
The Pink Bloque will be performing a large, participatory dance action within the context of the March for Women's Lives in Washington, DC on April 25th. The focus of their messaging will be to expand the dialogue on reproductive rights issues. They will be video taping the action and will either stream it live, put it on-line in the evening, or bring the footage back to Chicago and share and discuss it at Version later in the week.
For more information: http://www.pinkbloque.org

9PM-11PM: heaven/ buddy - Cultural Autopsy

Curated by Arjon Dunnewind, director of Impakt Festival in the Netherlands.
This program includes an introduction by Arjon Dunnewind at 9PM.
Them looking at us and us looking at them. This program examines the outsiders look at western culture as well as our perception of cultures that are foreign to us.
The program includes:
Deja Vu - Lisl Ponger (Austria, 1999)
Po Bulgarskata Sleda - On the BG Track - Krassi Terziev (Bulgaria, 2002)
Please give me 50 cents I know where Bin Laden is - Jiang Zhi (China, 2002)
Windows2002, Chen Shaoxiong (China, 2002)
Alien Autopsy - Ray Santilly (USA, 1995)
And MORE: TBA (TRT: 80min.)
The program was made possible with support from VIDEO MUNDI.