11am-3pm: buddY- Life: a User’s Manual – Michelle Teran
See description April 19

Pilsen Version
Join us for several exhibitions, public interventions and performances throughout the Pilsen neigborhood.

5PM-7PM: POLVO - Bridging the Divide - Moderated by Michael Piazza
The session will explore notions of accessibility to new media technologies and how it translates to communities that have historically been denied access due to exclusionary political practice manifested through economic thus educational constraints. We will address/formulate questions around the illusion of “global connectedness” offered by the technologies in light of unequal access to the means and knowledge of the technologies. The session outcome would be to initiate an ongoing resource network for everyone involved in community based work who utilize and who wish to utilize new media technologies.

7PM-9PM: POLVO - “Alternatives” and their environments
- Moderated by Dakota Brown and Daniel Tucker
This discussion centers on the phenomenon of “alternative” cultural spaces in the city of Chicago, inviting perspectives that stretch outside of our context in time and place to incorporate historical models as well as examples of similar developments internationally. What constitutes an alternative within the socio-political specificity of the US in 2004? Chicago? Your neighborhood?

7PM: Bruner and Bay Opening: Friendly Fire Exhibition Night
- a St Joost Academy / De Player Workshop Zone 726 W. 18th Street, 1F, Phone: 312-733-0634
Featuring installations, works, screenings and performances by a group of Dutch and Belgian artists from St. Joost Academy/ De Player Workshop Zone.
The artists include: Maurice Meewisse, Myrthe Steenweg, Koos Siep & Leon van den Langenberg, Koen Dijkman, Peter Fengler, Annelies Vanhaverbeke, Stefan Seghers, Stijn Beyens, Tijmen Smit, Jan Huijben, Bas van den Hurk/Wouter Verhoeven, Ineke van Dijk, Marisa Rappard, Tom Verbruggen, Leon van den Langenberg, Jan Van Den Dobbeslteen, Danielle Lemaire. There will be food, drinks, and music.

7PM: Bruner and Bay - The Principality of Podmajursky - by Ultramar Baymount
Through invasion and fortification a new land has taken root and is conquering territories throughout the realm, collecting dues and administrating their particular blend of manorial system This new territory is called The Principality of Podmajursky. Please come help us publicly label the territories owned by the Pods.

7PM: Bruner and Bay sidewalk – Bike Power Show- Various Artists
Three examples of creative re-use of bicycles and technology.
Bikes Against Bush - Joshua Kinberg- Assisted by Yury Gitman
Bikes Against Bush transforms ordinary bicycles into Internet enabled, tactical media "weapons" for non-violent, creative resistance in opposition to the 2004 Republican National Convention.
Jtny Sound System – by Paul Fitzgerald
Sound amplification system on wheels.
The Human Television Network – Various Artists
See description April 16


7PM:bruner and bay sidewalk - Quimby’s Zinemobile
- Bikecart Infoshop And Open-Air Public Reading Room 2004
See description April 16

10pm -(TBA): Big TV @ Lampre
y - Radio WORM-TV – WORM and De Player
RadioWORM started ±2 years ago as an electronic sound magazine. It was initiated as a podium for artists related to the club called WORM. Their network was invited to send in works. Every month an 1-hour-program was made and broadcasted on several independent radio stations all over the world. Except from Rotterdam itself. The local TV station gave the solution. The combination of non-narrative images from the city itself in combination with the electronic music works great. It is not meant to be a video clip approach. RadioWORM-TV is a co-production of WORM and De Video Player.

Friday April 23 9pm
(secret pilsen location)
Coolhaven (From NL)
Small Bathroom Fire
The William young
+special guests

9 PM BAR B Q – Lamprey
COOLHAVEN is Hajo Doorn, Lukas Simonis and Peter Fengler. Johan De Koeyer is their technical slave. Four multimedia-anarchrists from Rotterdam, Holland who don't know any border or taboo when they celebrate their surreal 'Musiktheater'. A performance installation by COOLHAVEN with Small bathroom Fire + Special guest Djs.