12PM:buddY- Re-Call Cup Fault - the Vacuum Cleaner (possible follow up on Monday April 19, 12PM)
On behalf of the starbucks coffee corporation the vacuum cleaner will be aiding starbuck's customers in returning faulty paper cups to the ubiquitous coffee chain. The vacuum cleaner will aid volunteers in visiting and returning the faulty cups to Starbucks in Chicago. Re-call-careful, the (beve)rage you're about to enjoy is extremely hot.

TIME (TBA) : LOCATION (TBA) - Temporary Public Sculptures (TPS)
-Peter Fengler (WORM)
Temporary Public Sculptures is a ongoing line of actions in public space.


2PM: Invisible College @ buddy - Altering Consumer Media Products - Electrodist
Using the format of a skillsharing session, members of Electrodist will teach participants how to flawlessly alter several common media products, with the goal of enabling participants to anonymously plug their voice into the market. The workshops will be split into two sections: the first will cover book alteration, and the second will cover VHS and DVD alteration.

1PM - 4PM: Heaven – Yoga at heaven


1PM: Highschool/Buddy: code&cook session - Cuisine en reseau
code&cook session is a space for people to have local and remote sessions when we cook, demo, talk, eat, exchange recipes, code tips, go ascii, etc. Neither an installation nor a performance, it's a moment of conviviality and exchange. For Invisible Networks, participants both in Chicago and Paris and on the Internet will cook, eat, demo & chat together.

7PM: buddY - Terror and Panic -
A look at artists reflections on wars of terror
The program include:
Souvenirs of Love - Kyle Harris
Images of my personal and political imagination, fragments of short stories, terrorist desires, and family pressures combine to create an anxious, desperate portrait of politics during times of extreme despair.
(Video, TRT 11min, 2003, USA)

Operation Invert
– Tara Mateik
Are gender outlaws considered the new biological terrorists seeking weapons of mass bodily destruction? OPERATION INVERT compares the different regulations mediating botox-related plastic surgery and gender reassignment "sex change”.
(Video, TRT:12min. 2003, USA)

Closer -
The news coverage of America's 'shock and awe' campaign during Operation Iraqi Freedom brought television audiences closer to the spectre of war than ever before. It was an unparalled orgy of military fetishism that featured, as its primary spectacle, the wholesale demolition of a major cultural capital, one of the oldest in the history of human civilization.
(Video, TRT 6:00 min, 2004, USA)

Bombshell: Iraqi Secret Videos and Artifacts From a Fallen Regime
– Usama Alshaibi
This video is compiled from several appropriated clips from VCD's (Video Compact Disks) that are sold on the streets of Baghdad. These are clips ranging from Saddam home movies to brutal torture and executions by the former regime. There will also be videos from bombings of Baghdad and amateur video recordings from the ground during the invasion.
(Video, TRT 10 min, 2004, USA)

Scenes from an endless war-
Norman Cowie
Scenes from an endless war is an experimental videotape on militarism, globalization, and the "war against terrorism." Part meditation, part commentary, Scenes employs recontextualized commercial images, rewritten news crawls, and original footage and interviews to question received wisdom and common sense assumptions about current American policies.
(Video, TRT 32 min, 2002, USA)

The Fellowship of the Ring of Free Trade
- st01en collective
A remix of Peter Jackson's blockbuster movie with subtitles that decipher the hidden anti-capitalist messages in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.
(DVD, TRT: 6 min., 2002, USA)

The Twin Towers
- st01en collective
This sequel to The Fellowship of the Ring of Free Trade explores post-911 issues within Mordor (aka United States).
(DVD, TRT: 15 min, 2004, USA)

Bear Witness III
- Eric Henry, Syd Garon & Dan the Automator
This music video for Dan the Automator is a four-part study in hubris. Each section explores a different "ego trip" - military, cosmetic, scientific, and engineering/industrial - and takes it to its logical conclusion. Pride cometh before the fall. (Video, TRT: 3 min. 2003, USA/ Poland)