//APRIL 17 Saturday SCHEDULE

11AM: Rogers Park - NeighborFood Fest - Sponsored by Illinois
Stewardship Alliance, GeneWise, and Warren Park.
Visiting Version projects: Version booth, Version Network Repository, Bikecart Infoshop And Open-Air Public Reading Room, Quimbys Zine Mobile
NeighborFood Fest is a collaboration of GeneWise, an anti-biotechnology
grassroots community organization, and the largest organic/sustainable ag family farming membership organization in Illinois, the Illinoisstewardship Alliance, as well as many groups and organizations and businesses in the Rogers Park Neighborhood in Chicago. The event will, by the collaboration and interaction of these groups, enjoin the public to become a part of a tangible network of resources and information about food and community. This is a resistant network of living interactions, at the edge of the intangible networks of corporate power that GeneWise seeks to denconstruct as individuals and as a group.

8AM-10AM Walkathon Registration
10AM-Noon Walk
10AM-3PM Neighborhood Fair with exhibits, speakers, local and regional speciality vendors, music, entertainment. NeighborFood Feast in the Park: prepared by the Heartland Café featuring all-organic vegan, vegetarian meals and desserts, as well as organic meat barbecue.
7PM – 9PM NeighborFood Feast Continues at Heartland.
9PM Heartland NeighborFood Music Feasts!
For more information:phone:773-793-9143

7PM-11PM: In These Times - Paper Politics opening - curated by Josh MacPhee/Street Art Workers
2040 N. Milwaukee Ave., 2nd Floor, April 17-June 30
Paper Politics is an exhibit which showcases print-based art which engages with the larger world via themes of social justice and global equity. Because of its accessibility and reproducibility, printmaking has long been used in struggles for freedom and social equality. Prints are often publicly posted and their bold graphic qualities are used to communicate with and educate broad audiences all over the world.

Partial list of artists:
And A. Lusia (Pittsburgh, PA), Icky Apparatus (Portland, OR), Chris Arigo (Salt Lake City, UT), Jesus Barraza (Oakland, CA), Brandon Bauer (Milwaukee, WI), beta (Chicago, IL), Bronz (Van Nuys, CA), Celebrate People’s Hostory Poster Series (International), Ben Collison Ob1 (San Francisco, CA), Robbie Conal (Los Angeles, CA), Kyle Goen (Brooklyn, NY), Ally Greenhead (Nashville, TN), Kari Hanson (Milwaukee, WI), Leigh Klonsky (New York City, NY), Nicolas Lampert (Milwaukee, WI), Alex Lilly (Portland, OR), Josh MacPhee (Chicago, IL), Make Art Not War Poster Set (National), Colin Matthes (Milwaukee, WI), Stephen D. Melkisethian (Annapolis Junction, MD), Dylan Miner (Albuquerque, NM), Doug Minkler (Berkeley, CA), Josh Mintz (Los Angeles, CA), Claude Moller (San Francisco, CA), Chris Mosier (Venice, CA), Shannon Muegge (Toronto, Canada), Tim O'Brien (Lawrence, KS), Punks Against War (San Francisco, CA), Jesse Purcell (Montreal, Canada), Melina Rodrigo (Glasco, NY), Erik Ruin (Detroit, MI), Davi Russo (New York City, NY), K.See (Portland, OR), Sevenist (Chicago, IL), Erik Siador/CulpritResearchProject (Oakland, CA), SF Print Collective (San Francisco, CA), Sixten (Strangnas, Sweden), Shaun Slifer (Nashville, TN), Jen Smith (San Francisco), kt joy sojourner (San Francisco, CA), Miriam Klein Stahl (Berkeley, CA), Meredith Stern (New Orleans, LA), Swoon (Brooklyn, NY), Mary Tremonte (Pittsburgh, PA), Antonia Tricarico (Los Angeles, CA), Christine Wong (Oakland, CA), Pete Yahnke (Portland, OR), Bec Young (Detroit, MI)|


Sonic Network Analysis
Saturday April 17 4pm
Klein Art Works
400 North Morgan Chicago, IL 60622 (312) 243-0400
J3, Dartanjal, Reliable Sound Products

Saturday April 17 8pm $8
ottom Lounge
3206 N Wilton St. 773.975.0505
18 + show
Brokelyn Beats
Small Bathroom Fire
Sharkula with DJ Chuck Sunshine
Far Rad
Special Guest DJS
DJ Touchmaster Infinity
DJ I Am The Killer
DJ Greg
DJ Tobias