Saturday April, 6th 2002
1550 N. Milwaukee Ave. 8pm $10 Donation
A Fundraiser for Version>02

Meet some of the organisers, filmmakers and artists that will be taking part in the upcoming digital arts convergence, Version>02

Digital Video Détournement: Select 3 DVD selections! 2 hours of dirt-filled subversive films!

The Kissing Booth! Delicious kisses delivered by the lovelyYoshie Suzuki and friends

Office of Fatherland Defense Search Team: We guarantee no cavity searches! Commands delivered wth plenty of Authority!

Office of Fatherland Defense Unprofessional Security Massages: Rest, Relax enjoy the pleasure of untrained hands while you lounge to the pounds of love. All your secrets will be ours!

Gorilla Rides! Take a ride on the Video Ape! You know you want to! $5 on his back $10 on his front. Free if the Video Ape rides You! We'll print the hottest action in the next Lumpen magazine.

Raffles and Prizes: Special items from Deadtech Gallery, Quimbys and other fine patrons of the arts!

VJ TEK aka Brien Rullman of Rabbit in the Moon and OVT Visuals will ply his hypnotic rays of light all night long..

DJ Schizoid, will spin the electronic sleazylistening electo-lounge sounds.

Narendra, Master of the downtempo will persuade you to take your clothes off and dance.

Celebrity Guest from Hollywood the TV Sherriff will offer limited engagement mustache rides!

Hosted by Edmar! Your little buddy! Who will try to figure out if he can manage the The Pong Tournament!

All proceeds from this event will cover expenses for sound equipment rentals, projector transport, and replication costs for the Select V.3 DVD to be released at Version>02...





Still here?

The Digital Video Détournement program features works by:
GNN , New Kids on the Black Bloc, 4N6, Douggpound, Davy Force!, CELL Media ,Fensler , Adbusters ,B$, Patrick Lichty,, Pulseprogramming, Selina Trepp, Metalux
Nobukazu Takemura / Moschino, Kaiju, Uprise


here is picture of our Kissing Booth Komander

Check out Version>02 site for a the lowdown on the April18-21 Convergence...............