The general Idea::
TLVSN features documentary, new media, experimental and socially relevant work by artists and makers from around the world. By using the mass media outlet of cable tv, TLVSN creates new cultural TV options.

TLVSN seeks to expose viewers to an alternative network of impactful information and art. It's an effort at providing more cultural and political diversity on the "public" cablewaves. We challenge the assumptions made by those in power by participating in the sharing of alternative viewpoints, cultural forms, new artforms, and dissenting opinion. By providing socially driven and personal media art TLVSN hopes to become a viable and vital part of the Chicago public's public tv and internet options.

Our goal is to disrupt and interfere with the usual patterns of televisual viewing with deprogramming, presenting alternative, un-entertainment and unpopular culture. We want to use TLVSN as a canvas, create TLVSN as a high quality communication, present TLVSN as an arts transmission, foster TLVSN as a cultural education tool, investigate TLVSN as a communication experiment, transmit TLVSN with the people's news, initiate TLVSN as an antidote to Media Cartel monoculture, use TLVSN as an affordable Do-It -Ourselves medium and distribute TLVSN as a viable cultural tv option.

Call for work and participation

We are seeking one-hour and one-half hour thematically organised programs showcasing new media arts, experimental work, socially relevant documentations, short videos, animation and more.

for details please contact edmar.

Keep in mind there is no renumeration available at this time. We make no profit from airing your work and have the right to transmit it online. we will be unable to mail back you tapes or discs.

Send us programs on DVD or mini-DV (NTSC). We will send you an email agreement if we would like to air it. You and/or the artists represented in your submitted program retain the copyright on your work, although we prefer copy-left work. We want to broadcast it in as many cities as possible so please indicate whether or not it can be distributed via other cable networks.

Typically, but not exclusively, half hour TLVSN Blocks are set at 29.5 minutes hour long are 59.5 minutes.

We will put an intro to TLVSN before each program (unless you download and add it your self) and may edit to fit programming lengths.

Click here to view our Intro . (QT) For a better quality Intro to add to your episode please download one here: Please makeyour prgrams exactly 29.30 minutes or 59.30 minutes if you use our Intro. thnks

Please list individual video credits in this format:

Name of work
year made, Director, Country of origin, time
description [2-3 sentences]

2002, Cory Wrench, UK, 4 min.

send your contact info as well

For more info contact edmar.

Send tapes to:
Lumpen Media Group
960 W. 31st Street
Chicago, IL  60608


old news::

Version>06 TLVSN

From May 1 to May 7 Version 06 presented TLVSN episodes featuring work shown at the festival's Underground Mulitplex video series. Episodes 31-37 will most likely be re-rerun on CAN 21.


From April 22 to May 1, Version>05, in cooperation with Chicago
Cable Access channel CAN 21, presents a half hour program of
TLVSN: the Version>05 edition. Shorts and programs made by
Version participants will be featured on our half hour TV show.
TLVSN features documentary, new media, experimental and
socially relevant work by artists and makers from around the
world. By using the mass media outlet of cable TV, TLVSN is creating
new cultural TV options. TLVSN, a project of Select Media
and Lumpen, presents thematically organized programs showcasing
new media arts, experimental work, socially relevant documentations,
short videos, and weird stuff.

TLVSN: the Version>05 edition airs at 11pm on CAN 21 April
22- May 1. Much of work featured on TLVSN will not be screened
at the Underground Multiplex program April 25.

TLVSN::Version>05 series aired April 2005. Series description forthcoming

TLVSN:: Select Media Festival 3 Edition aired November 2004
Series description forthcoming

TVLSN programs were featured as part of the VERSION_TRANMIT program during the Version>04 InvisibleNetworks convergence April 16-May1, 2004. The festival (in part) is an examination of practices of intervention and networks of resistance cultures and activities. Here was theSecond Season's program::

The second season was broadcast and programmed in cooperation with Chicago Access Network Television. Programs will be aired on CAN21 12:30am in the morning from April 23 to April 27, 2004.

Episode 11: Extreme TLVSN April 23, 12:30am
edited and curated by Edward McNamara

Episode 12 : US Corporation April 23, 1:00am
Featuring: Logorrhea by Onur Tukel, Much too Much by Ton Meijdam, Set 4 by Jan Van Neunen, Hypno Chicken 2000 by Davy Force!, Seeing Bush Through the Trees by jan Van Neunen, White America by GNN

Episode 13: WE HEART KARAOKE April 24, 12:30am
Featuring: Abracadabra by Douggpound, The Smiths Live at Texas, The NAFTA dance by ECC, Hummer Bummer by K.A.R.A.O.K.E., Ubermax by Jim Finn, YMCA by K.A.R.A.O.K.E., and El Moro by Jim Finn

Episode14: BUSH WARS April 24, 1:00am
Featuring: At Home and Abroad by Black Mustache, War Conspiracy by GNN, GI Joe PSAs by Fensler Film Academy, Despotism, Then and Now by Gate, Closer by GNN, Rock by Rape by Evolution Control Committee

Episode15: Douggpound Homevideos Pt 1 April 25, 12:30am
Edited and created by Douggpound

Episode 16: Douggpound Homevideos Pt 2 April 25, 1:00am
Edited and created by Douggpound

Episode 17: Detournement April 26, 12:30am
Featuring: GI JOE PSAs Fensler Film Academy and Alice in Wonderland or Who is Guy Debord? By Electrodist

Episode 18: Version>04 Selections April 26, 1:00am
Featuring: Digital Snapshot by Lo Iacono (Germany) Let it Rain by Ton Meijdam, Worms By Lasse Raa, Infowar by Sema 4, Britton, South Dakota, 1938 by vannessa renwick
Soundtrack composed and performed by the distance formula : Johnnee Eschleman

Episode 19: Notes form the Desk of the Department of Homeland Security April 27, 12:30am
Edited and created by Paul Lloyd Sargent

Episode 20: Insect Deli Vs Madame Chao April 27, 1:00am
Edited by Insect Deli



Image (Chicago cable access programming room)