OCTOBER 15, 2004, 8PM

BuddY/High School/Heaven 1542-1550 N Milwaukee Ave. 2nd and 3rd floors

Join us for an evening of SMF3 exhibitions, screenings and performances as we open the complex for a week of action.

• Live music by The Latest, Terry Plumming friends, and others (BuddY)

• Selections 04: Best of SMF3 shorts program (High School, 9 PM)
2002-2004, Various Directors and countries,
Friday October 15, 9pm (High School 1542 N Milwaukee Ave 3rd Floor)
The program features a variety of animations, short films and music videos giving an overview and sampling of the best work screening at this year’s festival. The program includes 30 SECONDS OF HATE (Bryan Boyce), CLEAN SWEEP ( Jason Archer and Paul Beck), SHOCK AND AWE CHICAGO AIR SHOW (Amy Cargill), WARNING PERTROLEUM PIPELINE (Jan Van Neuenen), MANIFEST DESTINY (Sarah Kanouse), MADE FOR TV (Maria Pappas), APOSTROPHE (Barnstromers), ITSU (Plaid video by Pleix), WINDOWLICKER (Chris Cunningham) FREAK (Daniel Levi), ALUMINUM (Tyrone Davies) and THE NEED (Adam Greul) and others. ((image by JAson Archer and Paul Beck)

• Little Utopias: Alterations of Everyday Life Exhibition (Heaven)

Work by: Nick Adam, Melina Ausikaitis, Kelly Breslin, Juan Chavez, Michael Colman, David Cuesta, Ryan Davies, Rob Doran, John Duda, Bizhan Khodabandeh and Lindsay Eyth, Justin Fines, Erin Foley, Mike Genovese, Robert Gomez, Sayre Gomez, Elisa Harkins, Cody Hudson, Duk Ju L. Kim, Karl Koett, Dan Ezra Lang, Rebecca Mann, Josh MacPhee, Ray Noland, Mathew Strongin, You Are Beautiful, Lee Piechocki, Justin Schaefer, Jeremy Schulz, Sighn, Chris Silva, J. Patrick Walsh III, Travis Wiggins, Jeff Zimmerman. (image by Michael Freimuth)

• Digital Disobedients New Media Exhibition at High School

Work by: Kaho Cheung, Jeff Cole, Mike Caloud, and John Brennon, The Escape From Woomera Project Team, Amy Francheschini, Linda Leow, and maxMin, Future Farmers,, J. Oda, Team Waco @ C-Level, Together We Can Defeat Capitalism (image by J. Oda)

• BuddY
is terry plumming cave.

Admission: $10 donation. Receive the new Select # 8 compilation DVD and a syndrome/Lumpen T-shirt with admission. Complementary beverages and treats.

Select # 8 Cultural Counterintelligence DVD
A compilation DVD featuring thebest shorts from SMF2 and SMF3

Contains::GI JOE PSAs by Fensler ALICE IN WONDERLAND OR WHO IS GUY DEBORD? by Electrodist STATE OF THE UNION by Jason Archer-Paul Beck STRATEGIC CYBER DEFENCE byDara Greenwald PAPER RAD by Paper Rad HOMELAND HODOWN by Jason Archer-Paul Beck NYLON by trs-80 SUR DEL CERO by Cody Hudson CLEAN SWEEP by by Jason Archer-Paul Beck HOMELAND HODOWN by Jason Archer-Paul Beck BIGGER BETTER by Ton Meijdam CLOSER by Gnn SIX CORNERS by Ray Pride KNEE CAM by Matthias Fritsch ALUMINUM by Tyrone Davies.

Select Media Festival 3