A Select Media Festival 3 Exhibition
OCTOBER 15 - OCTOBER -22 Heaven Gallery 1550 N. Milwaukee Ave. 2 fl

Opening 6pm, Oct 15 part of the SMF3 super show.

Select Media Festival in conjunction with Heaven Gallery is pleased to present a sampling of some of the best work from a cross section of Chicago’s most talented emerging and established artists and makers.

As our hopes for social and political change are in flux, forms of resistance come in the act of creation. The utopian in us all cannot wait for a distant revolution, so instead we reinvent everyday life here and now. The little utopias arise between our personal lives and the communities and networks that we live, work and drift in.

The Situationists use détournement to demonstrate the scandalous poverty of everyday life despite the plentitude of commodities. How do contemporary artists promote the spirit of a revolution, the idea of possible change, the allure of a better life? Little Utopias is a potlatch of contributions by artists seeking to describe or create a version of the world they inhabit.

Work by: Nick Adam, Melina Ausikaitis, Kelly Breslin, Juan Chavez, Michael Colman, David Cuesta, Ryan Davies, Rob Doran, John Duda, Bizhan Khodabandeh and Lindsay Eyth, Justin Fines, Erin Foley, Mike Genovese, Robert Gomez, Sayre Gomez, Elisa Harkins, Cody Hudson, Duk Ju L. Kim, Karl Koett, Dan Ezra Lang, Rebecca Mann, Josh MacPhee, Ray Noland, You Are Beautiful, Lee Piechocki, Justin Schaefer, Jeremy Schulz, Sighn, Chris Silva, Mathew Strongin, J. Patrick Walsh III, Travis Wiggins, Jeff Zimmerman.

Works selected by Ed Marszewski

Featured work

Heaven Gallery 1550 N Milwaukee Ave. 2nd floor.
The exhibition opens as part of the Little Utopias Super Show during Select Media Festival. Show details>

Gallery hours: Saturday, October 16, 1-5pm, Sunday Oct 17 5-8pm,Wed 20th 7-10pm , Thurs 21st 7-10pm, Friday Oct 22nd 7-11pm . Call for appointment after Oct 22.


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