The Secret Histories Museum discovers and presents historical evidence in order to seek understanding of ourselves and our world in between history and the future. The mission of the museum is to deepen the understanding of past choices; present circumstances and future possibilities; strengthen the bonds of community; and facilitate solutions to common problems.

Secret Histories Museum
3636 S Iron St
Second floor
Chicago Il 60409
Phone: 773.837.0145
Hours: Saturday and Sunday 12pm to 5pm
SILVER measure Interviews
This installation features a handful of over 180 video documentaries of contemporary Chicago artists made by the SILVER Measure. Local secret histories, these videos are audio/visual snapshots of artists that live in your neighborhood.

Program includes:

The Law of Cracktopia - Joe Roarty
Poet and performance artist Joe Roarty takes us on a surreal trip through the dark corners of his work. Joe is an active member of the poetry scene in Chicago and regularly performs his incendiary work with his spiritual flamethrower.

The Monarch of the Sea - Lee Groban
Chicago poet and visual artist Lee Groban speaks of his work; the longest most monotonous poem ever written in the English language. Done with a light touch of 40's classroom film aesthetic, this movie provides a field guide to his curious work and also unearths various other record breaking feats of Lee's past.

Portrait of a Mural Artist - Laura Gilmore
Bridgeport artist Laura Gilmore gives us a partial tour of her mural work here in Chicago and also shows us a recent work of hers that is being threatened. The center of this piece is a mural Laura completed this year in Blue Island. Laura provides the music for this piece.


_Fluxus on LSD
_Secret Orders, Societies and Pasts
_America Eats Its Young: The Next Generation
_folk ADD
_Virgin Mary of the JFK Expressway
_Potential Energies
_SILVER measure Interviews
_The Pecker of Bridgeport