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Potential Energies

Potential Energies. Sculptures and artifacts concerning Chicago's history in man's quest for pure energy.
Did you know that the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois have a very involved history with nuclear energy? From the first days of atomic experimentation to modern times South Chicago has been at the forefront of the quest for ultimate energy.

This exhibit is a collection of artworks and interactives donated to the Museum by artists and galleries from in or around Chicago.

From that fateful day on Dec.2nd, 1942, when the first nuclear reaction was created at the University of Chicago, to the creation and use of atomic weaponry, to the harnessing of nuclear energy to power the cities we live in, South Chicago has been an important player in the nuclear rodeo.

How does the city regard it's own history concerning this subject. How do we perceive nuclear energy? What energies do we have inherent in us, which may one day compare to the power of the atom. These artworks try to present similar questions towards our understandings and feelings of nuclear energy.


_Fluxus on LSD
_Secret Orders, Societies and Pasts
_America Eats Its Young: The Next Generation
_folk ADD
_Virgin Mary of the JFK Expressway
_Potential Energies
_SILVER measure Interviews
_The Pecker of Bridgeport