The Secret Histories Museum discovers and presents historical evidence in order to seek understanding of ourselves and our world in between history and the future. The mission of the museum is to deepen the understanding of past choices; present circumstances and future possibilities; strengthen the bonds of community; and facilitate solutions to common problems.

Secret Histories Museum
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Hours: Saturday and Sunday 12pm to 5pm

folk ADD
[Installation, mixed media, perrfomance]

folk ADD happened twice, once in the 1960s and once in the 1980s. Both eras reflect similar methods and reasoning; only the materials shift, creating pleasing sets of past and present from the future."
- keith watkins, art forum 1989

folk ADD started in the backyards of Chicago and their detritus and work wound up in a ranch in Missouri. The collection of A. Carlson will be unveiled for the first time in the U.S. revealing this peculiar intersection between Dada, Fluxus, Yippie hedonism and industrial art.

The ambition in the present recreation of folk ADD environments is not an act of preservation or a presentation of works created, but a living archive like the way to expose the clippings of artists fingernails on display. More simply: it is the casino air from the mountains of Colorado.

During museum recreation hours viewers should be prepared to relive any and all events from their own lives, the life of Richard M Daley, any and or all of the folk ADD artists and the people they know/knew. In place of you folk ADD artists will establish links to unknown knowns, this physical place will harbor the largest known recreation of folk ADD ever.



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_America Eats Its Young: The Next Generation
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_Virgin Mary of the JFK Expressway
_Potential Energies
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