The Coming October Surprise
by Edmar

As we ponder the sadness of electing Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum for president this year we can’t help but realize that the election is already over and we lost. Let’s face it – the Empire has chosen a path of overreach and lots of kids are gonna be drafted for the world wars no matter who wins.

We know many thinking humans believe that the election will be our last chance to thwart Armageddon, that we can rely on the election to solve our Bush problem. We recognize that many of us would like to see nothing other than regime change by voting for Kerry, but really, Bush and Kerry have almost identical positions on everything. We hate George W. Bush and his administration. We despise him more than you do. We too would like the world to breathe a sigh of relief by not electing him again. But we believe an “October Surprise” is in the works to derail even the most committed liberal and armchair hipster activist plans to unseat the Dark Lord by simply voting him out.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the original “October Surprise” in 1980. Executed by those backing the Reagan campaign to unseat Jimmy Carter, the plan made a deal with the Iranians through the CIA to continue to hold American hostages beyond the 1980 November elections.1

As their political capital flounders it’s widely anticipated that the Bush Administration will orchestrate news events as the November 2nd presidential election approaches. And many pundits of all persuasions think it’s entirely likely that terrorist attacks are inevitable this coming summer and fall. The question is who will be behind it and how will it affect the election.

Right now Homeland Security Czar Tom Ridge and Bush lackeys in Congress are seeking approval to “postpone” (read: cancel) the election just in case the terrorists are at it again. What the hell?
This year we predict that Bush Juggernaut will benefit from another October Surprise to maintain power. With over two decades of experience, it seems to make sense that the Bush royal family will continue to maintain its position though deception, coup, and perception management. They simply refuse to yield power.

We present some interesting theories and statements that’ve been making the rounds in the infosphere. Consider this a field guide to some asymmetric warfare conducted by complicated interests trying hard to keep the Empire on track.

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The Coming October Surprise Contents


Bush Finds Weapons of Mass Destruction
Because he puts them there

Bin Laden is Captured

Bin Laden is Killed

Massive Terrorist attack on U.S. Soil
Scenario 1: Military Dictatorship
Scenario 2: Bombing the Republican National Convention
Scenario 3: Osama’s October Surprise, aka bin Laden Hearts Bush

CIA-led Coup

Diebold Election Systems Fixes the Vote
in Battleground States

U.S. Opens a New War Front

this article appeared in Lumpen #92

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