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  Recent SELECT MEDIA projects

Select Media creates artefacts and documentations of evolving media arts and countercultural currents. Our special interests are contemporary media and cultures on the margins.

Select is the sister entity to Lumpen Media Group and we produce media arts festivals and events mostly in Chicago.

We create magazines and DVDS that are released at events and given away to participants. Then we sell and/or distribute the rest of our print runs to stores and groups worldwide.

Video Samizdat

Select Video Samizdat is the name of our DVD distribution project. Its a program where we distribute our compilation DVDs containing tactical media documentaries, social change videos, reports from the streets and culture jamming initiatives to activists, artists and creative resisters across the country.

The DVDS contain a selection of works by radical cultural workers and experimental video makers critiquing various coercive forces and systems. Using desktop editing techniques mixed with humorous direction many of these makers appropriate work, divert and re-edit it as a way to register their dissent or to create something surreal. Described as tactical mediaticians, culture jammers, troublemakers, media activists and humorists, these makers create works that are a sampling of the digital video underground that is impacting our cultures during a time of global crisis.

Themes covered in these compilations include anti-war messages, community organizing, education on globalisation issues, para-politics and documentation of creative artist and activist practices.

We travel with programs on demand abroad and encourage dissemination of our media products as widely as possible. Select releases publications, DVDS and CDs in conjunction with events and festivals that we produce. We see the accompanying products as distribution channels for radical creators' works. Some of the videos are avaialble for viewing in the Lumpen online video section,

Recent Productions
Version>03 ::
Illegal Art Video mash-Up
Select Media Festival ::
Version>02 ::

Recent festivals, and exhibitions where Select Media Video Samizdat has been featured include:
PR "02 " En Ruta (Puerto Rico)
New Media Nation (Slovakia)
Jelenie (Czech Republic)
Violence Online
Impakt (June 2003) (NL)

If you are interested in a program for a festival or exhibition please call Ed Marszewski at 773,837.0145 or email him.

SELECT MEDIA products:::

Select Magazine #3 Digital Détournement ( April 2002) $15
160 pp perfect bound 4/color and 2/color 7.5 " H x 5" W
contains DVD

This is a special Version>02 digital arts convergence issue containing critical texts on the issues surrounding the ideas of a digital commons. It features works and interviews with artists participating at Version>02. It comes with Select Media's first DVD containing over two hours of videos presented during version>02. pdfs of some texts are available here:

Select 3: Digital Détournement

02: Welcome to Select v 3 ; Ed Marszewski
07: A Short Note on the Digital Commons; Geert Lovink
09: A Concise Lexicon for the Digital Commons By Sarai
16: The Excess of Control by Felix Stalder
21: Digital Commons Quoteables
26: Interview with Mark Hosler of Negativland by Joe Collier
34: Copyleft: The Great Giveaway by The New Scientist
38: The Accra Manifest by John Perry Barlow
41: Digital Commons Directory
44: Derek Lerner SHOW&TELL Fig.A
46: The Work of Artists in a Databased Society by Ricardo Miranda
55: Post-media aesthetics by Lev Manovich
63: The Economies of Art by subRosa
68: CCTV
72: Appliance. Compliance. Complacense - Discussed by C. DiSalvo and Hans Meyer
78: Reviews of Books by Logan Bay Rachel Rinaldo
82: Net.Times, Not Swatch Time: 21st-Century Global Time Warsby by Geert Lovink
88: Resistance Media by Eric Galatas
91: Las Agencias
94: 8 Bit Pre-manifesto
97: Radical Mobile Stuctures by Brett Bloom
103 Paul B. Davis, Dragan Espenschied, Bernhard Kirsch talk
112: Textz mission
113: Selina Trepp & Spectronix; Kick Some Images
115: Powerpoint
116: shft8pwr interview by gabriel cyr
118: Interview with Nathan of Hactivist by Nato Thompson
123: Digital Video Détournment listing
127: Interview with Kaiju by Paul B Davis.
132: John White Cerasulo
134: Miltos Manetas
139: Banksy: How To Paint a Stencil
141-160: Advertising

SELECT 3 Digital Video Détournement
Ths groundbreaking creative resistance DVD project kicks ass and it has set the standard for all Select DVDs that followed.

Warning: Videos for educational purposes: Also the DVD has been known NOT to work on Macintosh DVD players but does work on conventional DVD players and Playstation 2s.


GNN S-11 (Channel) Surfing the Apocalypse
Nobukazu Takemura / Moschino - Sign
DAVE Foss MF-47 Network - USA-K ULTRA
Surveillance Report 02.03.02
Triple check - Doug Lussenhop
Davy Force! - 47hz
CELL Media - Little Brother Gets Busted
Fensler - Knowing was Half the Battle -
Adbusters - Uncommercials
GNN - Countdown
B$ - Introduction To the Oil Industry
Davy Force! - MF-47 Ashcroft-ufo
Patrick Lichty - 8 Bits or less
Cell Media - Principal
GNN - When the Smoke Clears
DAVE FOSS TV-CELL PHONE 1:32 verysensitive device
Pulseprogramming - Slave to Love (NYC Glitch)
Selina Trepp - Magic in Reverse
metalux -
New Kids on the Black Bloc
GNN - Propaganda Watch
Kaiju - trailer
Uprise - Surprise

Issue # 4 of Select Magazine "Chicago School" (August 2002) $10
128 page perfect bound 4/color and 2 /color 5.125 " H x 7.5" W
contains audio CD

From the introduction: Chicago is the best city in Amerika. If you haven’t figured it out yet, you will soon.This issue celebrates the hidden genius and emergent forces that are at work in certain sectors of our city’s underground cultural economy. There is such a plethora of amazing work and activity going on in this city that we tried an experiment. The curaturial process of this issue was made by word of mouth invitation.Our editorial choices were made through chance encounters on the streets with friends and aquaintances who said they were up to something. This situationist approach reaped great rewards. The result is works by forty or so artists and musicians we encountered in the span of a month. Some were found at that cafe down the block from you or at a gas station on Division St. We’re not kidding. So, here is what is happening now. It’s fantastic.

Select 4 contents include profiles and work by : pink bloque, jason warriner, dj spin-laden, elisa harkins and narciso carlos, bridgette a. buckley, david rowley lord of machines, I/MPH, dzine, cody hudson, jeff zimmerman, krista babbit, charles angel, marshall preheim, rob doran, chicago 100, isaac leung, edmar, hacker fashion, carnivore and cory archangel, jesse vala, justin balicki
Select 4 CD featuring the sounds of the Chicago School , a late 2002 snapshot of the chicago underground music scenes.

Select #4 Audio Track Listing:

1: Lay Across by nontourist
2: Scrimpin on Trim by hot tub gary video ape
3: Arsim by craque
4: Secret Agent by spectralina
5: I have lost 115 lbs, I have gaint 115 lbs by kleenex girl wonder
6: Likkle Barf by a grape dope
7: Beat Me Up by douggpound
8: I am energy by TRS-80
9: This Beat is Acid by dj rad and housemaster bert
10: Pick a City, Any City by al burian
11: And it Turns by heavy petting
12: ETAGE 3 / FLUR by radian
13: Ambulette by String Theory
14: Counting OFF AGAIN by twine
15 : war porn tv protest music by postfix-e
16 : First Fill Then Filter by teleseen

Select magazine #5 SMF edition (December 2002) $10
64 page saddle stitched 2 /color 5.125 " H x 7.5" W packaged in corrugated cardboard.
contains DVD

This special issue was an artefact released during the DEC 2002 Select Media Festival (SMF) which took place over 4 days in December 2002. The SMF audio visual arts festival featured works by over 100 makers, 300 films & videos and 25 performances. The magazine features interviews with creators and makers that were featured at the festival. Contaisn the incredible GI joe PSAs

Select 5 Table of Contents:
Interview with Stephen Marshall
Interview with Richard Metzger
Interview with Jon Schnepp
Interview with Lucky Bum Film Tour
Super WarDudes®
Interview with Paper Rad
Interview with Negativland
Interview with Douggpound and Eric Fensler
Interview with Brian Boyce
Interview with Yoshi Sodeoka
Interview with Stationwagon Films
Interview with Spectralina
Interview with DJ Brokenwindow

reviews of neat media products

Select # 5 DVD includes these videos and works:
Witness the Fitness Roots Manuva (Ninja Tune)
Terror, Iraq, Weapons Mike Nourse
State of the Union Bryan Boyce
Aftermath Guerrilla News Network
It's On DJ Vadim feat Vakill (Ninja Tune)
Reality Check Schneider Tm (City Slang/Mute)
Special Report Bryan Boyce
The Most Dangerous Game Guerrilla News Network
Verbal Amon Tobin Feat MC Decimal R (NinjaTune)
GI Joe PSAs Eric Fensler
Printer Jam Douggpound
Sweetsmoke Mr Scruff (Ninja Tune)
Interrogation Spectralina
Copwatch Guerrilla New Network
Election Collectibles Bryan Boyce
Sales and Image Company Seminar 7 Eric Fensler
Orbits and Explosions Mark Salemi
A Lesson in Business Station Wagon Films
Videos de Paperrad Paper Rad

Select magazine #6.66 (March 2003) $20
32 page tabloid 11"X 17" 2/color cover b/w throughout
contains DVD / double CD $20

Issue #6 of Select magazine is a companion reader for the festival we co-produce with the Mueum of Contemporary Art, Version>03 [DigitalArtsConvergence]: Technotopia vs. Technopocalypse ( .This year we examined two forceful trends, Globalization (the merging of economies) and Singularity (the adaptation of man to machine), as seen, created, and debated by programmers, artists, scientists, activists and critical thinkers. This year's edtion includes the festival schedule and critical texts from particpants. Select #6 DVD is the companion video artefact to the Version>03 convergence. It features tactical media documentaries, weird videos and resistance media jamming. Like all Select DVDs we consider the Select #6 video compilation a portable video festival and distribution format that we encourage you to share with as many people as possible. Please screen it, dub it and pass it on.

Select # 6 DVD includes these videos and works::
Optimizer Customizer - Jan van Neunen
Tv Sheriff and the Trail Buddies - Ode to the Video Ape
Sunset Strip - Pete Bergeron
Retooling Dissent – Streetrec
Seeing Bush … Jan van Neunen
How To Buld A Bomb - Carbon Defense League (CDL)
GI Joe PSAs- Fensler Film Academy
Retag: retroactive logo distribution - conglomco
Dearraindrop videos - billy grant with help from joe grillo
Terra Vox - Jon Schnepp
Surveillance Report - 4N6
1-1-02-1-1-02 -Jesse Stiles
AC 130 Spectre –
Rosita Variations – c.o’d
Fire and Ice 2003 - Paul Deuth & Jeffrey Weeter
Hypno Chicken 2000 - Davy Force! –
Trash Factory - Jan van Neunen
Media Jack – 4N6 –
Arispeak -4N6 -
Blade runner – Earthfirst / 4N6
curated by J and Ed MarszewskiWe also like sweet music.

Select #6.66 also comes with a Special bonus double CD
The Lumptronic 6 Technotopia vs Technopocalypse CD project is a companion audio artefact for the festival. It contains work by some of the performers and musicians featured at the Version>03 convergence and also features a sampling of the digital underground in Chicago.

track listings for the cds::
Lumptronic 6 Technopocalypse

1 Bit Shifter - Parallax Barrier 02:12
2 FWSB - Futurista 04:05
3 Denim and Diamonds - Disneyland in Iraq 02:54
4 Insect Deli - Mini Kiss 02:01
5 Misty Martinez - Stone Heart (produced by Robert Wilkus) 03:23
6 Chicago Uk - Virtual Heaven 03:26
7 People Remains - Indians 01:25
8 Housemaster Bert - Acid Beat 2K3 06:23
9 Pickup - Wargames 02:44
10 Michael Hartman - New Song #4 05:42
11 Koutaro Fukui - Untitled #5 02:17
12 Heavy Petting - Untamed Feline 05:46
13 Mike Finch - San Diego Lazer Tag 02:37
14 Miles Tilmann - Escape from Nothing 02:56
15 Amanda Gutiérrez - Gardenia 03:58
16 K-rad - 121pno 02:55
17 Just Jihaad - Enduring Freedom 03:49
18 Sonorous Hat - 6:30 06:32
19 Ernesto Romero - Euphoria 04:23
20 Rotten Milk - Commanding Battle Stations 04:26

Lumptronic 6 Technotopia

1 Ghost Arcade - GKUDB 03:47
2 J+J+J - Portable Ultra Sound 03:21
3 Handheld - The Show Endz 03:52
4 Denim and Diamonds - Cyborg Manifesto 04:00
5 Jason Martin - Please Assist Us in Transmission 03:58
6 Video Ape and Hot Tub Gary - Mouth Full of Gold and a Mouth on a Ho 03:57
7 Mouse on Mars - Snap Bar 04:29
8 Mark DeNardo - Fare (engineered by Koutaro Fukui) 02:36
9 Nobukazu Takemura - Wandering 07:46
10 Bud Melvin - Funky Conveyor Belt 02:02
11 0+1=Everything - Strung out 02:34
12 Chris Holmes - “We Want Moroder” Megamix (Good Songs Gone Bad) 06:21
13 Jesse Stiles - Head 06:28
14 Portable Dinosaur - What I Could Have Done Sideways 04:10
15 Delray - I Just Called... 04:59
16 Lord of Yum Yum - Grieg, excerpt from Peer Gynt Suite, “Hall of the
Mountain King” 03:25
17 In Potentia - While We Were Eating 05:00

curated by Doug Lussenhop, Mila Gomez, Jaime Pickup and Ed Marszewski

All magazines may be purchased In CHiCAGO at Quimbys, Una Mae's Freak Boutique, Penelope's, Prairie Ave. ookstore and Reckless records. Just ask for them at the counter.

If you want to order anything direct from us, email ed and we can talk. Or mail a description of what you want with the amount it costs and mail a check to "Edmar Productions" to Select Media, 960 W 31st St. Chicago Il 60608.

The Select Media site that we cannot update is located here.