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  LUMPTRONIC is our CD project

Over the years Lumpen Media Group has released a series of compilation CDs that reflect the undergound sounds of Chicago's talented if not legendary music scenes. Below is a sampling of the available CDs that we've found in our closet. Usually these audio artefacts are only given away at our release parties and have a very limited circulation in local record stores. If you want to know what is happening in Chicago's underground music scenes. Lumtpronic is a nice series of documentations that will complement commerically released work from Chill.

Internetolgist Elisa Harkins did the hard work of ripping and uplaoding most of our back catalog.

now lumptornic music can be downloaded. only as full albums. enjoy.

our very first compilation of lumptronic

Who Minds A Minute 1:38 Anthony Illarde Lumptronic
Eeeprom Ack 3:09 Aquatron Lumptronic
When You're Vulnerable 4:08 Bill Ding Lumptronic
Dehli Tray 3:25 Cattivo Lumptronic
Cat Fire 2:16 Cattivo Lumptronic
EXA 1B 5:01 Designer Lumptronic
Step To Me (V.I.P. Remix) 5:36 Dj 3d Lumptronic
Midnight Thug 5:19 DJ Hunter A.D. Lumptronic
Rebuke Dem (94 mix) 4:52 DJ Snuggles Lumptronic
E+M/B.061 2:52 The Exploder And Mob Boss Lumptronic
Funky Clavi 3:13 Flexible Products Lumptronic
CZKO 5:55 GYLA Lumptronic
Backtrack Fwd 3:24 Le Deuce Lumptronic
Draped In V (R2) 2:44 Madelines Lumptronic
2000 Machine 10:00 Orbitronik Lumptronic
Encyclopedia Satanica 5:28 Vector Research Lumptronic
Burnt 4:16 Zeek_Sheck Lumptronic


On February 10th, 2001 we had a release party for our 3rd electronic music comp, Lumptronic 3: Dynamic.Sounds.And.Experimental.Bloops. Beats.And.Blurps.From.Chill. The release party featured live performances by some of the bands and engineers that produced tracks as well as a special event only VJ mix by Brien Rulman of OVT Visualz.

This is no longer available. however you can listen to the tracks or download the zip file

Real Audio samples of the tracks can be listened to by clicking on the track names below.

01 Sons of The Sun You Are Made FromOne Being the Other One (ANJB3 MIX)
02 Del Rey Vega
03 Emperor Penguin Mood Mound
04 TRS-80 (Nocturnal Emisssion Mix)
05 The Narcoleptic Untitled
06 On Skreen Wet Between My Ears
07 Obitronik Fly Puzzlehead (Non-Euclidean Mix)
08 K-Rad Smashop
09 Cattivo Gimmee Baby
10 Flexible Products Can We Save
11 Mekons Flip Flop Mating
12 Les Sensualists Hello Mello
13 Pulse Programming Burdon
14 The Yacht Club Bluescreen
15 Unisphere This Place Has No Window

Lumptronic 3 was curated by Le Deuce and Edmar
Mastered by Carl Saff
Emperor Penguin appears courtesy of My Pal God

Love and thanks to: All of the artists that submitted tracks, Mila Gomez, Brendan Daly, Brien Rulman, Steve Collins, Forestter Cobalt, ideotech and the Supersphereans.

Lumptronic 4:Select Edition

Released at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art's Summer Solstice 2001, this Select Edition of Lumptronic launched a new micro media project for Lumpen called Select Media. The crossover project of Lumptronic 4 was contained in Select magazine No. 1 and featured an enhanced cd that includes Quicktime movies as well as music. It includes tracks by Slicker , Drowsy Birds, Telafon Tel Aviv, Atropa, Beneath Autumn Sky, K-Rad, Diverse, and the Yacht Club and videos by Davy Force, Golden Shower, Doug Lussenhop, Brian dressel, and Brien Rullman. You can listen to the great sounds of various these amazing artists doing their talented desktop and software majic at

/ Select Media is located at

Limited CDs exist for $10 a piece. mail check or M.O. to Lumpen, 960 W. 31st St, Chicago Il 60608. Please write check out to Edmar Productions.

Lumptronic 5: Lumpenwave

Lumpenwave is a stupendous and beautiful modern electro-cybernetic compilation of 80s inspired covers. check out the event it was released at last summer lumpenwave: revenge of the 80s:: It contains far out hits by: TM Schneider and KPT Mich.igan, Douggpound and Minnie Gearl, Chinese Johnny, Dj Mamacita and ANJB3, Martian Law, M. Mercer, Big Man vs. Pretzel of Energy, TRS-80, String Theory, Junior, Found Objects, Craque, Tinkerband and Space Soldiers. available at quimbys. track listing and real audio emissions coming soon. We have 50 copies left.

Very Limited Cds exist for $15 a piece. mail check or M.O. to Lumpen, 960 W. 31st St, Chicago Il 60608. Please write check out to Edmar Productions.

LUMPTRONIC 6 (released 4/2003)

The Lumptronic 6 Technotopia vs Technopocalypse CD project is a companion audio artefact for the festival. It contains work by some of the performers and musicians featured at the Version>03 convergence and also features a sampling of the digital underground in Chicago.

track listings for the cds::
Lumptronic 6 Technopocalypse
1 Bit Shifter - Parallax Barrier 02:12
2 FWSB - Futurista 04:05
3 Denim and Diamonds - Disneyland in Iraq 02:54
4 Insect Deli - Mini Kiss 02:01
5 Misty Martinez - Stone Heart (produced by Robert Wilkus) 03:23
6 Chicago Uk - Virtual Heaven 03:26
7 People Remains - Indians 01:25
8 Housemaster Bert - Acid Beat 2K3 06:23
9 Pickup - Wargames 02:44
10 Michael Hartman - New Song #4 05:42
11 Koutaro Fukui - Untitled #5 02:17
12 Heavy Petting - Untamed Feline 05:46
13 Mike Finch - San Diego Lazer Tag 02:37
14 Miles Tilmann - Escape from Nothing 02:56
15 Amanda Gutiérrez - Gardenia 03:58
16 K-rad - 121pno 02:55
17 Just Jihaad - Enduring Freedom 03:49
18 Sonorous Hat - 6:30 06:32
19 Ernesto Romero - Euphoria 04:23
20 Rotten Milk - Commanding Battle Stations 04:26
download the mutha:

Lumptronic 6 Technotopia
1 Ghost Arcade - GKUDB 03:47
2 J+J+J - Portable Ultra Sound 03:21
3 Handheld - The Show Endz 03:52
4 Denim and Diamonds - Cyborg Manifesto 04:00
5 Jason Martin - Please Assist Us in Transmission 03:58
6 Video Ape and Hot Tub Gary - Mouth Full of Gold and a Mouth on a Ho 03:57
7 Mouse on Mars - Snap Bar 04:29
8 Mark DeNardo - Fare (engineered by Koutaro Fukui) 02:36
9 Nobukazu Takemura - Wandering 07:46
10 Bud Melvin - Funky Conveyor Belt 02:02
11 0+1=Everything - Strung out 02:34
12 Chris Holmes - “We Want Moroder” Megamix (Good Songs Gone Bad) 06:21
13 Jesse Stiles - Head 06:28
14 Portable Dinosaur - What I Could Have Done Sideways 04:10
15 Delray - I Just Called... 04:59
16 Lord of Yum Yum - Grieg, excerpt from Peer Gynt Suite, “Hall of the
Mountain King” 03:25
17 In Potentia - While We Were Eating 05:00
curated by Doug Lussenhop, Mila Gomez, Jaime Pickup and Ed Marszewski
Download this!!

We recently located a stash of Easy Listener's Big Songs For Small Apartments Compilation released in the late 90s. We will also be featuring other Select Media Projects on this page.

To enquire about placing an order please email ed at here.