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Prepared by Lumpen Patriot Committee and the Office of Fatherland Defense

The Office of Fatherland Defense Research Index

Against Dissent
American Roulette
The Spirit Of Terrorism
Everywhere You Want to Be introduction to Fear
CNN tells Reporters
Companies Cash in on Patriotism
Corporate Invading and Escaping
Defense Dept Lies
Hearts and Minds
Hidden Agenda of the War on Terror
Imperialism and Empire
Just War or Criminal Bombing
Rich Returns
New Anti terrorism Bill
Pakistan's ISI and 9-11
Paying Back Big Energy
Preventing Terrorism
The Biowarriors
The ex-presidents Club-
The Fifth Freedom(chomsky)
The Great Cipro Ripoff
The left and the Just War
The Meridia Manifesto
The New War Against Terror
The Real Battle Lines
Underwriting the Taliban
War and Oil
War On Terror
War Without End
When Did They Ever Stop
Why I Opposed the
Bush's war

The Nonsense Mantras of Our Time
CIA /Oil Corps./Cheney
Moving Toward A Police State
The Globalization Movement
Terror Law
Terror and Empire
The New Imperialism
The Stealth Attack On Freedom of the Press
Intolerance of dissent
Homeland Insecurity
Did the CIA Meet with bin Laden
Discrete Fascism
The CrimethInc release




It was not only America that was attacked on September 11, but civilization. We were attacked not for our vices, but for our virtues—for what we stand for. In response, the Lumpen Patriot Committee (LPD) has been enlisted to aid the newly created Office of Fatherland Defense (OFD) to support the study of American history and civics and of Western civilization.

The first project of the Lumpen Patriot Committee is Defending Civilization: How Our Corporations and Republican Interests Are Failing America and What Can Be Done About It. The report was released in mid December as an alternative publishing project to Lumpen Magazine. This report was commissioned by the OFD in response to recent events that the OFD believe are undeniably unpatriotic, are a threat to our security and are undermining democracy. The report calls on the press, the universities and all branches of government to commence a complete reevaluation of American history, its foreign policies and it's War at Home. The authors hope that this investigation of recent historical evidence may lend critical assistance to citizens and decision-makers during our battles against evil during our War at Home and War on Terrorism.

Executive summary of the Report:
An alarming trend of massive foreign policies debacles, serious threats of undemocratic behavior, unAmerican war profiteering, as well as opportunistic corporate lobbying and cynical government edicts, show a pattern of negligence and dangerous behavior on the part of key institutions within our Republic. Thousands of incidents of undemocratic measures and policies in just the past few months researched by the authors of the report paint a disturbing portrait of America and therefore civilization itself, post 9-11. Using news stories, speeches, congressional records, and legal documents the LPD has compiled a hit list of some of the more egregious attacks on the rights of its citizens and civilization in general.

The Research Index, an online companion of the report, is now available for browsing. The purpose of the index is to allow All Americans to understand our history and to initiate a dialogue that will allow us to reevaluate our Republic's policies and inititatives. Articles are archived here for public use and are for educational purposes only.