Operation: Summer of Love

Prepared by Lumpen Patriot Committee and the Office of Fatherland Defense

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The mission of the Office of Fatherland Defense will be to develop and coordinate the implementation of a comprehensive national strategy to secure the United States from terrorist threats or attacks from within and without. The Office will coordinate efforts to detect, prepare for, prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from terror in the United States and around the World.


Note:: The Office of Fatherland Defense requires all operatives to register and report their specific duties and practice throughout the Summer of Love Campaign period. report your actions and send images for re-use to ed@lumpen.com For a complete examination of the Director's Speech on Operataion Summer of love go to www.summeroflove.html

The Director’s Speech was inspired by:






























































Operation: Summer of Love
The OFD is initiating and supporting multiple projects to thwart terror. Operation Summer of Love is an incomplete cataloguing of some of the campaigns Field Officers and Independent Agents are conducting in our great nation during this period of endless war.

This Summer of Love campaign is a large-scale culture hack and challenge to the current "oil group"state –media alliance presentation of the "War on Terrorism™". Their Orwellian strength through ignorance ploy must be revealed to the public. Read Director Ed "lalo" Mar's speech.

NEW ACTIONable ITEM!!! Beat The Bushes. Anonymous agents via the IN TER NET send their report via MP3 at http://www.destinymusic.com/music/friends/Beat_the_Bushes.mp3

we need more agents like this to report in.

Lumpenwaved: Revengeful 80s.

Sexy people, lumpenwaving it. You had to be there to understand the love that took over Heaven Gallery and Buddy space this past July 27 1984. Lumpenwave was a spectacular affair that will definitely be remembered as the party of this summer of love. Our friends at Nipporn took some pics. check them out.Agent Quantazelle took some , too. but you have to sign up to see them.. Ms Kelly also found her photo project online. Lumptronic 5: Lumpenwave CDs will be available at a record store near you. Can't find one. email edmar.

Group Esperanto Communiqué 07092002::

Codename: Hoodwink Theater

Insert mock Blockbuster coupons into area newspapers to indirectly inform public of Blockbuster’s habit of renting censored versions of movies to unsuspecting customers, and in hopes of sparking dialog between these customers and store managers. Read more.

Fighting Terror on the Street::

Operatives and Officers are responding to the War of Terror by using low tech diversionary memetic warfare techniques aka stencilling. An Image Gallery of Street maneuvers will be forthcoming.>> If you've got photo documentation of this type of maneuvering please email it to OFD HQ.

Office of Fatherland Defense PSA Campaign Announcement:;

The Office of Fatherland Defense is proud to anounce its Operation Summer of Love Public Service Announcement campaign.
As part of our effort to rebrand and reorganize our efforts in Defending Freedom, providing Security to Americans, and rooting out Terror in the Fatherland, the OFD is looking to graphic designers, agencies and artists to communicate several concepts via a low intensity poster campaign. Read more here:

for a larger poster to print :: download it here..


First it was to be a crusade. Then it became the "War for Civilization". Then the "War without End". Then the "War against Terror". And now--believe it or not--President Bush is promising us a "Titanic War on Terror". OFD has been following the threads of what the Bush posse knew and what they did after the deed was done. To get an indication for how much love we need to produce to combat this Agenda of Fear read on...

Agent Bruner Surveillance at Operation Summer of Love Opening Party June 21-22, 2002. Agent Bruner's Report from The MCA Summer Solstice of Love is now up. Photos taken via long range pen cam and eye in the sky ™ technology. The MCA situation was enhanced by Bruner and Bay, Video Ape, Select, OVT etc. see Eretro for the program. Agent Diary is located here.

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The first project of the Lumpen Patriot Committee was Defending Civilization: How Our Corporations and Republican Interests Are Failing America and What Can Be Done About It. This was the first OFD sponsored project.


Download and Play the MF-47 Network's Special Report. Ashcroft's new policy to deal with Illegal aliens is revealed. You need a Real Player.>> Download the video now >>