Operation: Summer of Love

Prepared by Lumpen Patriot Committee and the Office of Fatherland Defense


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Codename: Hoodwink Theater

Insert mock Blockbuster coupons into area newspapers to indirectly inform public of Blockbuster’s habit of renting censored versions of movies to unsuspecting customers, and in hopes of sparking dialog between these customers and store managers.

Group Esperanto Communiqué 07092002::

While on our annual Group Esperanto retreat in the Ozarks, a key agent of our organization received word that VIACOM / BLOCKBUSTER was attempting to further subvert the natural progression of the popular consciousness. For years it has been well-known and widely accepted that VIACOM / BLOCKBUSTER has had America sorely dependent on a steady diet of thin, white, beautiful people, immersed in shallow plots, and wielding an increasing amount of brand name products on-screen for our visual consumption. But as if the majority of Hollywood films weren’t bland enough, our operatives have recently confirmed that VIACOM / BLOCKBUSTER has gone even further by providing the unsuspecting public with ‘edited for content’ versions of movies whenever possible.

In the interest of this and all Group Esperanto activities, it is vital that one understands all the facts: Contrary to popular belief, Blockbuster does not edit their movies. On their website FAQ they say with some degree of accuracy:

Q:Does BLOCKBUSTER edit the movies in the store?
A: No, Blockbuster does not edit the content of its films. We offer all movies for sale or rental in the exact condition we receive them from the movie studios.

A more honest and encompassing response to curious visitors looking for the answer to this question might read:

Q: Does BLOCKBUSTER edit the movies in the store?
A: No, Blockbuster does not edit the content of its films. But whenever able, Blockbuster will order ‘edited for content’ versions from the studios that go light on displays of violent or sexual nature.

There is no mention of this tactic anywhere on their website, and the worst part is that most of the rentals don’t mention anywhere on the packaging that the consumer is about to rent a lighter version than the one playing nationwide in theaters. We waited until movie night and tested these findings. An agent of ours rented "The Wonder Boys". This one actually said right before the movie "this film has been edited for content." Boy did we feel jilted. Naturally, we would have never rented the thing if it said on the box "edited for content." We marched back to Blockbuster and politely but firmly asked for our money back, which we received without a problem.

Upon the first solid evidence of this travesty, the agents of Group Esperanto sprung into action- convening immediately over smores to devise its own three-pronged counterstrike, codenamed Hoodwink Theater.

The team quickly devised mock coupons to disseminate the real information. After blowing out the color xerox machine at the lodge, the mock coupons are inserted into area magazines and newspapers for eventual retrieval by regular Blockbuster customers, who take care of step three. The citizens pick up and read the coupon, learn of Blockbuster’s unadvertised approach to movie rentals, and also try to redeem the coupon for a free rental at their neighborhood outlet. Blockbuster will quickly understand that the public is onto them, and will scramble to explain themselves to curious customers. Eventually, through digital distribution of the mock-coupons and their subsequent deployment by the Group Esperanto Militia nationwide, Blockbuster will be forced to rethink their policy of misleading the public about their rental products. Blockbuster is free to rent whatever they choose, but it is fraudulent to mislead the public about their selection.