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Prepared by Lumpen Patriot Committee and the Office of Fatherland Defense

We need an independent public inquiry to halt the continuing blackout of information and present some clarity regarding Bush's War of Errors , the Anthrax investigation, and his administrations involvment in Wall Street fraud, the Energy crisis and Enron, the debacle in Afganistan, the foreknowledge the adminstration had of the 9-11 suicide hijackings, and the endless parade of corproate fraud perpetrated by him and his cronies.

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Below is an archive of articles that relate to team Bush's fore-knowledge of the 9-11 suicide hijackings and the subsequent spin, non-debate. The links also include efforts by his evil posse to disable dissent and together form a melange of freaky facts, a trail of blunders and evidence that we hope will eventually lead to the dismantling of his reign of [T]Errors.

The Crooks in the White House

How the Bush Used 9/11 to Remap the World

American elections dictate timing of an attack

'Siege' mentality testing patience

Spooks taking over War in Afganistan

Study: 'Big Brother' Cameras Have Little Effect On Crime

Tom Ridge tipped to be Cheney's successor

Jungle Fever Bush's Bolivian Mercenaries

120 countries oppose US stand on world court

FBI uneasy about plan to deregulate fast Net

US Dirty Bombs: Radioactive Shells Spiked with Plutonium

Cracking Down on Corporate Crime, Really

The Bush Family's Bloody Pals: Florida a Sanctuary for Terrorists

Bush Freezes Peace Process (7.5)
"Monomedia" and the First Amendment by Normon Soloman.

Bombing the Mind :: The Pentagon's Program for Psychopharmalogical Warfare (7.2)

Strikers as Terrorists? Ridge Calls Longshoremen's Chief - Cockburn (6.27)

Will the War on Terrorism Follow the Path of the Cold War?

wow holy shit. go tom cruise.

george michael chimes in about the war, too. What is up??

Poverty, repression and terrorism

Court Oks random drug testing in Schools

U.S. anthrax investigation moving too slow for some Time

Bush in Secret Iraq Attack Meeting (6.23)

U.S. military ramps up in Gulf

Israel Revives Assassination Policy

FBI Begins Visiting Libraries

Boeing Eyes Integrated Space, Defense Systems Market

400,000 Palestinians Put Under House Arrest

US cartoonists under pressure to follow the patriotic line (6.23)

Las Vegas terror threat dismissed by FBI

Chavez, opponents brace for 2nd coup

The South at War: A Tour Through the Heart of the US Military-Industrial Complex

Israeli connection: The White Van:: Were Israelis Detained on Sept. 11 Spies?

Bush concerned over leaks of NSA data

State Department Official: U.S. Media Guilty of Treason

Bush attacks Security leaks by Congress (6.20)

Defense Dept. Says Court Ruling Infringes on War Powers

On Tape Sept. 10: 'Tomorrow is Zero Hour'

Saudis Admit Al-Qaeda Network Active in Kingdom

CIA, FBI, NSA erred, senators say

Will the War on Terrorism Follow the Path of the Cold War?

Intelligence Chiefs Tell Who Knew What, When

FBI Braces for Possibility of July 4 Attacks

Anti-Bush protesters ejected from Ohio State commencement

Red Targets in the "War on Terrorism"

Bush Plan Would Force ISPs to Spy on Customers

CNN chief accuses Israel of terror 6.18

Israel TV may pull plug on CNN 6.20

Saudis arrest al-Qaeda suspects

Top Scientists Charge FBI Anthrax Cover-Up

The September 11 X -Files The Nation /David Corn

Democracy in Crisis: What is to be Done?

September 11 attacks called avoidable June 9, 2002

June 13, 2002
Famous for 15 Seconds: How All the President's Men Buried Coleen Rowley

Bush's Weird War by Robert Fisk June 13, 2002

Washington embarrassed by botched hostage rescue

In Years of Plots and Clues, Scope of Qaeda Eluded U.S.

Dirty Bombs, Blowback and Imperial Projections

America warned two years ago by UK over September 11: Report

There’s a spy in every computer, comrade – so watch what you say!

Robert Fisk: Gangsters, murderers and stooges used to endorse Bush's vision of 'democracy'

Bush told Japan premier Iraq would face attack

US accused of sinking deal on development

Bush to the Nation: You're All Cops Now

Make Love, Not War Games Wired By Brad King

The Credibilty Crunch at the Top A Crisis of Confidence in U.S. Leadership by Tom Turnipseed June 6, 2002

Spying and Lying : The FBI's Dirty Secrets June 5

Nerve Gas Found at US-Uzbek Base 6/9/02

Terrorism Is as Terrorism Does
Local peace activist may be on FBI list

Al-Qaida monitored U.S. negotiations with Taliban over oil pipeline

1500 FBI agents operating in Pakistan

Cantabrigians stand up for civil rights

Presidio Air Force officer relieved of his duties after letter about attacks condemns Bush

Panel interviews whistle-blower

Stock trader targeted in Sept. 11 probe agrees to return to New York

A Short History of FBI COINTELPRO

Bush Says CIA, FBI Didn't Communicate Before Sept. 11 Attack June 4

9/11 hearings will be held in super-secure rooms

FBI and CIA on the defensive :; BBC June 4

CIA 'tracked' hijackers

Egypt Warned U.S. of a Qaeda Plot, Mubarak Asserts nyt 6/3

US Refused Iraq's Offer to Hand Over WTC Terrorist
FBI's Shifting Versions on Missed 9/11 Warnings
CIA Knew Hijackers Were Here For 2 Years
Continued Silence on 9/11 Stock Probe 6/3/02
In Terror War, Privacy vs. Security

Ashcroft, FBI running scared

Rights 'trampled' by war on terror :; Amnesty Intl is pissed

Gerald Ford Opposes Independent Probe Of 9/11 Attacks What a surprise from someone that pardoned Nixon.

Top Democrat slams DOJ terror guidelines May 30, 2002, CNN

FBI unveils reorganization to focus on terror
May 29, 2002 CNN

FBI Gets More Domestic Spy Power CNN may 30

FBI chiefs so lax agents felt they were spies

FBI destroyed evidence in bin Laden case
May 29, 2002 Posted: 5:34 PM EDT (2134 GMT

Dan Rather: Bush Issued Fake Terror Alert To Cover 911 Bungle

Bush Sounds Like the crazed Osama Bin Laden. 5.28

Last summer the White House suspected that a terrorist attack was coming. But four key mistakes kept the U.S. from knowing what to do. An inside look at what went wrong and what must be fixed. TIME

Egyptian newspaper: Washington considers adding Cairo to "Axis of Evil"; Egypt sold weapons to Iraq

Phoenix memo, Moussaoui information went to same FBI task force

from the archives Tuesday, 18 September, 2001, UK BBC News
US 'planned attack on Taleban'

Agent accuses FBI of 'sabotage'
Whistleblower says clues to September 11 were ignored
Tuesday May 28, 2002 The Guardian

So bad that it's spooky (Matthew Engel May 28,2002)

Bush Administration Scandals
The Beginning of the End? by Mark Weisbrot

Other Unheeded Warnings from Arab nations

Gergen urges study, not blame, over memo
Thursday, May 23, 2002

F.B.I. Agents, Are Named in a Conspiracy

Agent told CIA of flight students (WT) May 23, 2002

FBI Memo was VERY specific, it named names (LA Times)

Attack of the Clowns The Real Bush is Back by Dean Baker . The guy in the White House is running a scam for his rich friends.

New Yorkers Not Fooled By Bush Warnings (Guardian May 23)

Surprise. Bush Does not want Independent Probe

BETE NOIRE by Gavin Keeney ( May 22)

Why terrorist attacks are not inevitable, say Saudis (CS Monitor)

FBI Was Warned of Sept. 11 Hijacker:: Informant Says He Provided Facts About Phoenix Hijacker (By John McWethy) May 23

Follow the Money Bush, 9/11 and Deep Threat

Wake up and join War on Terror, Bush tells Europe May 23, 2002

US Issues Outdated Terror Alerts for NY Landmarks
New Yorkers Take Terror Threat In Stride Brooklyn Bridge Reopens

Dick Cheney's Obscenity by Brian J. Foley May 22, 2002

Cheney Fears Leaks From Any New Sept. 11 Inquiry (Reuters)

Riddle of the Spores
Why Has the FBI Investigation into the Anthrax Attacks Stalled?
The Evidence Points One Way
(by George Monbiot) May 21, 2002

FBI Pigeonholed Agent's Request: Canvassing of Flight Schools For Al Qaeda Was Rejected (Washington Post May 22)

The U.S. ignored foreign warnings, too (John K. Cooley)

Some Pre-9-11 Documents released

Thousands march in Berlin protest against Bush visit
By Tony Paterson in Berlin 22 May 2002

America the Fearful:: 5/21/2002

Brooklyn Bridge Closed on Bomb Scare

There's Big Money in Fear (Wired)

White House Notebook They've Got a Secret -- Lots, Actually
Cheney predicts new terror attack (BBC) Sunday, 19 May, 2002,

Evil Eye in the Sky?
Some Concerned by Web Access to Satellite Photos of Potential Targets
By Jim Hoffer (ABC News) May 19

U.S. Detects 'Enhanced' Threat of a New Attack (Reuters May 19)

Tell us, Mr Bush :: Open societies are safer places to be
Sunday May 19, 2002 The Observer

Leaking the 9/11 Charade (Hoffman Wre)

Bush knew of terrorist plot to hijack US planes (The Observer) May 19

Rice opposes public panel to investigate 9/11
May 19, 2002 Posted: 2:55 PM EDT (1855 GMT)

Cheney: Future attack on U.S. 'almost certain'
May 19, 2002 Posted: 3:33 PM EDT (1933 GMT)

FBI alerts apartment managers
May 18, 2002 Posted: 7:50 PM EDT (2350 GMT)

George W. Bush Should Learn the Lessons of History (MSNBC May 18)

Bush is still running from 9/11

Read Bush Fiddled while New York Burned,

Before Bush's Counterspin Campaign and the hysteria over unsaubstantiated threats >>

As Reporters Seek Details, The Media Climate Shifts

Read Mike Ruppert's investigative report. and check out

Read U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney's (D-GA) statement pressing for an investigation of the Bush Administration.

Read an eyewitness indymedia description of White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer's May 17 news conference.

Events, old buddy, Events, - nice look at the most likely scenario behind Bush's very fatal ineptitude.

Bush insists: 'I had no warning about Sept 11'

Lay off US Powell tells Europeans

Cynthia McKinney and the "what Bush knew" debate

Ashcroft Feared Threat and protected himself in July 2001

Dan Rather attacks media for being timid

9-11 victims families pissed

Bush had Pre-9-11 plan to hit Bin Laden.

1999 Report Warned of Suicide Attacks,

FBI Knew of Al Queda Training,

Press turns on Bush ,

"two days before Sept. 11, Bush was given a "detailed war plan" to dismantle bin Laden's al Qaeda network" much like the one used after 9-11.

Bush on the Defensive ,

Bush rejects Critcs

Rumsfield Unaware of 9/11 memo.

Cheney Says Criticisms of the Bush Admin are Thoroughly unneccessary of course he does...

White House under fire on warnings (MSNBC)

Bioterrorism plan sparks protests

New York is starting to feel like Brezhnev's Moscow
Public debate in America has now become a question of loyalty
Jonathan Steele Thursday May 16, 2002 The Guardian

to Impeach Bush and Cheney re: September 11
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