Select Media Festival 3
Insurgent Media Arts | October 13-22 2004 | Chicago U$A

Select #8 Samizdat DVD


Select #8 Samizdat DVD
Cultural Counterintelligence
Issue #8 of Select magazine comes in the form of a dvd compilation featuring groundbreaking work by some of our favorite creators. Receive a complementary copy a the Oct 13 and Oct 15 Select Media festival events.

GI Joe PSAs by Fensler Film Academy
Alice in Wonderland or Who is Guy Debord? By Electrodist
State of the Union by Jason Archer and Paul Beck
Strategic cyber defence By Dara Greenwald
Paper Rad Vs Gumby by Paper Rad
Homeland Hodown by Jason Archer and Paul Beck
Nylon by TRS-80
Sur Del Cero by Cody Hudson
Bigger better by Ton Meijdam
Closer by GNN
Six Corners by Ray Pride
Knee Cam by Matthias Fritsch
Aluminum by Tyrone Davies

Lumpen / Syndrome T-Shirt


Lumpen / Syndrome T-Shirt
We hooked up with our friends at Syndrome, a local clothing label, to create the first Lumpen graphic t-shirt contest. Submissions were open and solicited online. Works were created based on the theme of Three designs were chosen by the Syndrome crew and a limited edition printing will be unveiled at the festival. People that purchase a SMF3 pass and visitors to our October 15th Super Show at heaven/BuddY and High School will receive a free shirt (until supplies last).

Thanks to Harper and Elisa for facilitating our online tee shirt competition.