Select Media Festival 3
Insurgent Media Arts | October 13-22 2004 | Chicago U$A

October 13, 2004



An installation by Alex Killough, Tyler Nordgren and Chuck Clark
Meta-CC seeks is an open forum for realtime discussion, commentary, and cross-referencing of electronic news and televised media. By combining strategies employed in web-based discussion forums, tele-text subtitling, on demand video streaming, and search engines, the Open Captioning format employed by Meta-CC allows users to gain multiple perspectives and resources engaging current events. The Fox News Channel in the U.S. will be archived as our initial source material, but the system is adaptable for use with any cable news or television network.

Meta-CC's system will separate a single video stream from the cable news source's line-21 closed caption element. The decoded text from the captions is then used to create an archive of possible topics for debate/discussion, and cross referenced online to provide similar news stories from alternative news sources, as well as background information on the reporters themselves. As users view the captions and video, they add their own commentary to the stream. This commentary appears in real time as a news ticker superimposed upon the original video source, side-by-side with the original captions, which other viewers may then read and respond to. As users comments are displayed, they are also added to the topical archive created by the original video captions.

As the archive grows, so do the different divergent topics and resources available to the user. While responding to a particular news story, the Meta CC engine may present a user with a list of alternative sources for information about that particular topic, along with portions of the archive deemed relevant by the engine to the present conversation. A user may then tailor his or her commentary to more appropriately (and perhaps more persuasively) engage the issue at hand.

October 15, 2004

Little Utopias: Alterations of Everyday life

Little Utopias: Alterations of Everyday life
A Select Media Festival 3 Exhibition

Artists, the disobedient, the interventionists and modern day cultural producers are working with some guidance and influence from situationist philosophy.

As our hopes for social and political change are in flux, forms of resistance come in the act of creation. The utopian in us all cannot wait for a distant revolution, so instead we reinvent everyday life here and now. The little utopias arise between our personal lives and the communities and networks that we live, work and drift in.

The Situationists use détournement to demonstrate the scandalous poverty of everyday life despite the plentitude of commodities. How do contemporary artists promote the spirit of a revolution, the idea of possible change, the allure of a better life? Little Utopias is a potlatch of contributions by artists seeking to describe or create a vision of the world they seek to inhabit.

Work by:
Nick Adam, Melina Ausikaitis, Kelly Breslin, Juan Chavez, Michael Colman, David Cuesta, Ryan Davies, Rob Doran, John Duda, Justin Fines, Erin Foley, Mike Genovese, Robert Gomez, Sayre Gomez, Elisa Harkins, Cody Hudson, Duk Ju L. Kim, Karl Koett, Dan Ezra Lang, Rebecca Mann, Josh MacPhee, Ray Noland, You Are Beautiful, Lee Piechocki, Justin Schaefer, Jeremy Schulz, Sighn, Chris Silva, Mathew Strongin, J. Patrick Walsh III, Travis Wiggins, Jeff Zimmerman.

Heaven Gallery 1550 N Milwaukee Ave.
Gallery hours: Saturday, October 16, 1-5pm, Friday Oct 22, 2004 7-10pm or by appointment phone/fax 773-342-4597

Digital Disobedients: War Games

Digital Disobedients: War Games
A Select Media Festival 3 Exhibition

Designers and programmers are being acknowledged this year for creating games as social commentary. Many PC games motivate your interaction by placing you in a kill or be killed setting, while other games typically encourage winning as your objective. Contrary to mainstream games, the games we have selected call your attention to the story and place importance on inaction as well as action. They illustrate polemic perspectives on war, terrorism, GMO‚s, and capitalism. Even though these games make you think about serious issues, they are still fun, creative and masterfully designed. From cute pixel flash games to realistic 3-D game mods, these works peacefully exemplify the art of War Games.

Bush Game by J.Oda

Anti War Game by Future Farmers

Donkey John by Kaho Cheung, Tom Spiers, and Joe Boughton-Dent

Madrid by

September 12th by

Pinga by Amy Francheschini, Linda Leow, and maxMin

Waco Resurrection by Team Waco @ C-Level

911 Survivor by Jeff Cole, Mike Caloud, and John Brennon

Escape From Woomera by The Escape From Woomera Project Team

STOP BUSH by Together We Can Defeat Capitalism

High School 1542 N Milwaukee Ave 3rd Floor
Gallery hours: Saturday, October 16, 1-5pm, Friday Oct 22, 2004 7-11pm