Le Triptyque is located here.
Le Triptyque is :
142 rue Montmartre,
in the second district.
Tube station : Bourse.

Time : from Saturday 8 PM to Sunday 6 AM.
Entrance : 10 euros.

Evening and nite PROGRAM

Insect Deli

Misty Martinez -

Tv Sheriff and Trail Buddies
TV sheriff is simply amazing, remixing video and playing live electronic music with his pals from the No TV land. Cold Cut (Ninja Yune) told the TV sheriff that he V-jamms better than they do!

VJ Tek (OVT Visuals)

DJ Douggpound


Make Out Not War

Save America Foundation : Adopt an American

Creamster Caroake

Street Prop( Select MAgazine #7)

VIDEOS from Select Media Festival

Video program 1:
Homeland Insecurity or 15 Minutes of Hate

Varius Directors (2000-2001). An assembly of work that is unrelenting and refreshing in its criticism of theBush administration and their Terror, Iraq and Infowars.

At Home and Abroad by Haik Hoisington (2003) 3 min
State of the Union by Bryan Boyce (2000) 1:43
2 minute hate - Bryan Boyce 2 min
Terror Iraq Weapons by Mike Nourse 2002 4 min
State of The Union by Jason Archer. (2002) 4 min
S/11 Redux by GNN and Stephen Marshall (2001) 12 min
MF-47 NETWORK – Aliens by Davy Force! (2001) 2min
Bush's Aladdin by Davy Force! 2 min
Seeing Bush Through the Trees by Jan van Neunen 2 min
Der Sheriff - DAF (2003) 4 min
Lies Lies Lies by Haik Hoisington - (2003) 2 min
Homeland Hodown by Paul Beck and Jason Archer (2003) 4

Public media in a time of war by Indymedia Mohawk (2003) 29 min
Part scathing critique, part call to action, Independent Media In A Time Of War argues that dialogue is vital to a healthy democracy. Independent media has a crucial responsibility to "go to where the silence is," says narrator Amy Goodman, to represent the diverse voices of people engaged in dissent. She makes a compelling argument that the news media have failed to represent "the true face of war." Goodman criticizes the refusal to report civilian war casualties during the 2003 Iraq invasion and the new phenomenon of "embedded reporters," as examples of a pro-military bias in the corporate media. (29:13)

Video program 2:
Digital Video Detournement + Don't Call Me Crazy on the 4th of July

The works in this program feature work by radical cultural workers and experimental videomakers critiquing various coercive forces and systems by remixing and modifyng pre-existing media. Includes, Alice in Wonderland or Who is Guy Debord? Don't Call Me Crazy on the 4th of July follows a street protester who believes he his mind is controlled by the CIA. He ends up being a kind of Don Quixote figure that we could all learn a lot from.

Alice in Wonderland or Who is Guy Debord? 2003 Electrodist, 23 min
Knowing Is Half the Battle, GI Joe PSAs (2001-2003) 15 min.
Stragic Cyber Defense by Daracq Kuracqwald (2003) 4:18
Rocked by Rape - (2001) Evolution Control Commitee 5 min
Don't Call Me Crazy On The 4th Of July 3o min

Watch some GI JOE PSAs:

GI Joe , Knowing Was Half the Battle, Public Service Announecements

These are part of the series of 26 or so PSAs created by FenserFilm Foundation. We will be screening all of them for the first time in Europe at the De Player Event!
PLAY > skier
PLAY > nosebleed
PLAY > body massage
PLAY > carnival


Also preview::

Aliens : MF 47 network
Download and Play the MF-47 Network Special Report. Ashcroft's new policy to deal with Illegal aliens is revealed. You need a Real Player.
PLAY > >

Little Bother Gets Busted

2001, Filmstrip, Color, Approx 8 min.
PLAY > >