saturday, oct 25
8pm - 2am or so.

1542 n Milwaukee ave
2nd floor

It's fall. There is one year left til D-Day and the 2004 election. If you are not going to DC on Oct 25 for the national Antiwar anti Occupation protest in D.C then join us.. We are working with our friends at the Save America Foundation in The Netherlands to help kick off a series of events and presentations that we hope will lead to creating new dialogues and actions to save democracy in america. It's time to meet your fellow freedom fighters and hipstertarians.

On Oct 25 we are throwing an action packed program of activities to raise funds for continuing our cultural interference! Join us as we unleash creative responses and strategies for living in Wartime America! For a $10 entry fee you help feed the communication revolution and get a copy of our new Select magazine #7 the street prop edition. It's great. You need a copy. check it out.

By joining us you'll also be the first on your block to check out sneak previews of movies premiering at our upcoming Select Media Festival 2. Come early and watch Surplus: Terrorized into being consumers and Alice in Wonderland or Who is Guy Debord?. These are 2 great new works that have not been screened in Chicago or even Peoria.

After the films enjoy some fancy cocktails on us! As you get juiced you can chek out the hip hop jazz combo Small Bathroom Fire and then sing with us and K.A.R.A.O.K.E.. Learn about the "make your own karaoke video" contest and also make sure you sign up and have your photo taken for the Adopt an American Project. Bring a sweatshirt or t-shirt and affix some iron-ons or get a new stencil painted onto it. then join Dj Jaime Pickup and friends and Dance.

Program Notes:
come early stay a while..

Select magazine #7
Select magazine is an experimental media project highlighting interventionist art as cultural interference. Issue # 7 is a super tabloid magazine poster anthology. It is stuffed with stickers, postcards, and stencils. It was guest designed and co-curated by Cody Hudson of Struggle Inc.
- It's yours at the door. Check out the mag and our visit to pilsen earlier this month.

Surplus: Terrorized into being consumers and Alice in Wonderland or Who is Guy Debord?

we start with a sneak preview screening of Surplus and Alice in Wonderland or Who is Guy Debord?
These works are in the tradition of GNN and Adbusters.


2003, Erik Gandini, USA, 52 min.
Consumer confidence has been low since September 11. A quick war against Iraq was supposed to be the only way to restore that confidence - and our happiness. But is shopping our salvation? Do we have a choice? The world was shocked when young protesters in Seattle, Genoa, and Gothenburg attacked shop windows, cars, and banks. Surplus starts during the chaotic days of the G8 summit in Genoa and sets off on a world journey seeking the answer to another question: why?

Alice in Wonderland or Who is Guy Debord?

2003, Electrodistribution, USA, 23 min.
This is a wonderful detournment of Disney's classic. If you are still not on the Situationist tip it's about tme you familiarise yourself with this fantastic project.

10pm: drinks , adopt an american, t-shirt modifications. love/
Cocktails. tasty vodka and rum drinks. sign up to be adopted by a concerned European. remix a piece of clothing by having it stencilled or iron-on. we will provide save america stuff. You provide the love.

Many people in the world are worried about the state of Democracy in America. Adopt an American is an email and web-based cultural exchange program in which Europeans or other citizens of the world may interact with an American citizen in order to open lines of communication. By initializing a cross-continental conversation and providing a nurturing contact overseas, it is the hope of the Save America Foundation that dialogue will further the development of democratic and peaceful practices in the United States.

More conversations and contact will only benefit the world in these times of militarism, fear and war. Adopt an American will be a lifeline and communication enabler that allows personal stories to be shared along with information about the state of American politics and culture.

10:30 Pm Live performance by SMALL BATHROOM FIRE!!! A very special treat. the new shit. the future mutation.

11:30pm K.A.R.A.O.K.E.
If you were present for the !2 years of Lumpen party you understand the power of remixed lyrics and videos and karoake singing by drunken freaks. We hope the energy and love and power of K.A.R.A.O.K.E. will unleash your creative and performative juices again.

1. Pick a Karaoke Track from our library or yours.

2. If you're not fully satisfied with the political content of the lyrics, re-write the entire song, or correct as needed.

3. Make a Karaoke Video with whatever graphics you can. Make sure that the lyrics are easy enough for any freedom fighter to step up and sing it out, like in a pro-karaoke video.


start practicing now by watching this K.A.R.A.O.K.E. video.
(1o meg quicktime file)

the nite ends with DJ Pickup and his ass kicking powers..


On Sunday Oct 26 our dutch colleagues are hosting a screening and Save America fundraiser at the Bitterzoet club in Amsterdam. Attendees will be signing up to adopt americans that are joining the Apodt an American project.