!2 years of lumpen
The cultural interference show
May 24- May 30

Opening event
May 24, 2003 / buddY / 7pm-2am

Featuring works by:
- Cody Hudson (new work, first showing in Chicago)
- Flavio Shiro ( B/W prints from "Nuit des barricades" student/worker uprisings in Paris, May 1968)
- Kenneth Hung of 60X1.com
-Bureau D’Etudes Maps bythe French collective
- Remixed WW2 Propaganda Posters by Micah Ian Wright

_ Digital Video Detournement

Works will be displayed at buddY from May 24- May 30. 3-6pm each day

Performances by:
Solow (audio experiments)
B$ of OVT Visuals (A/V excitrement)
K.A.R.A.O.K.E. (remixed karaoke video/audio)
The Flashbulb ( the glitch and sick electronics)
Douggpound (will make you break your foot)

Please joins us and

- Eat korean polish bar-b-q from 7-9pm
- Digital Video Detournement (the best work form our collection of agit-video samizdat) :: Watch situationist and radical videos on our roof/patio next to the “L”. Works will also be viewable all week long.
- check out the Lumpen Bunker: We found an old stash of lumpens spanning a decade of issues. Come get some
tattered and yellowed back issues.

beverages will be supplied.

please donate $10 and get some lumpen/select stuff in return.