at buddY 1542 n milwaukee 2nd fl. chill.


Come witness the fitness. Gaze upon the future champion of the Laptop federation. throw things. get naked.

Here is the basic game plan for the tryouts we will be having on Thursday August 7th.

You need to be at buddy 1542 N. Milwaukee by 9pm to sign up and fill out the paperwork with vital info like your team name, favorite food, musical and fighting styles. There will be a film screening or performance going on to entertain the audience while this is going on. Then at 10pm we will begin the tryouts teams will be called at random with a maximum of 5 min to setup. Then you show the judges and the audience your stuff. Judges and audience
will cast their votes and from those reactions, we will pick and arrange the fights for the next round of laptronica.

The basics you need to know:
You will have a maximum of 5min to show your stuff to the judges and the audience. This is purely exhibition so there will be no fighting between teams we want to see you in action and hear your hot sounds.

Each team may have two primary members and those members are allowed one portable engine each..i.e. a device that can easily fit in a backpack is self contained and makes musicİlaptop, drum machine, sound weapon from the future.

Along with your primary members, you are allowed two avatars that do not play music but entertain and excite the crowd. I.e. dancers, robots, large mammals, strippers. Etc.

You will be plugging your engines into a standard two-channel dj mixer with rca inputs. So bring what you need to do this.
There will be a changing area provided if needed but we recommend you come to the evening ready to rock and promote your team to the hilt. Bribing the judges with money, sexual favors, drugs, candy etc. is completely legal


questions feel free to e-mail or call Logan; this is going to be fun or