This Saturday, July 16, we are celebrating 14 years of doing our little family magazine, Lumpen. We are planning an evening that begins with our special Korean bar-b-q, features tons of kick ass live music, and introduces a new dance thing called GoGoRoake. And of course you will be the first on your block to get the new issue of the mag. Issue #96 is themed "Leaving" and for many reasons its is symbolizing, for some of us, at least, some massive changes in the direction, perspectives and the relocation of our varied endeavors.

As we vacate our old space buddy, we are on the verge of something else we hope contributes to the many communities that we have and will continue to support.

However we are saddened that an era of what we do at buddy has come to pass. A bit of retrospective meandering is in the making for many of us. What did we do, how can we do it better and how can we continue to challenge ourselves to create the world we want to live in?
Does it matter?

We don't know where we will be physically located yet, some irons are in the fire, but we do know that we are supposed to vacate our space at the end of the month. This will be one of the last events at a place that many have called home... We hope you can join us and help us get to the next place we hope will bring us further mayhem and more secret histories of Chicago.

Saturdays program includes:
9pm Korean polish bar-b-q. (with tons of beer and KimChee made by Edmar's Auntie)

10pm Performances by:
Some buddies have returned from a month long tour to play as America's Meth Problem( Rotten Milk, Carpet of Sexy, Safety Pin, Stephany Kolunga, Bubblegum Shitface) indescribable action
Extra-Action Marching Band fucked up anarchist band
Brotman and Short (Hey cadets duo)
Killer Whales (hot new shit that is should never be missed)
Lazer Crystal (an orgy of camp gayness live in buddy)
Go Go Roake with Bruner and Bay (This should be great or an excuse for that dance party or both)

We are asking for $10 donation.

1542 n milwaukee ave 2nd floor