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Select Media Festival Dec 5-8, 2002
advanced music / new screen film and video festival
experiments in media \ activist cinema

Select Media Festival is pleased to present several works made by Chicago media artists Brien Rullman, David Rowley, Dave Reynolds, Jon Krussel, and Negativland.

The Center for Audio-Visual Research presents: "Induction Program: A Primer". A prototype DVD constructed to allow users previously unfamiliar with CAVR material to assimilate quickly and enter into a simple dialog with the "program". Each user will discover their own "style of participation" and advance their familiarity with CAVR. Using a standard DVD interface users achieve exciting personal goals via several belief systems, within a non-theatening environment.
Audio direction courtesy of Mr. Faulty Analogy and His Invisible Orchestra; DVD re-structuring by GlassCapsule. further information at

DEATHSENTENCES OF THE POLISHED AND STRUCTURALLY WEAK :: Large format prints and an audio installation from Negativland's latest project

16mm Trans-humanist Light Language Installation by OVT Visuals / Director B$

A visual light language of shape and color constructing the dimensional
gateway for human evolution. A new language of film loops processed and layered into a portal of light. A hyper retinal display of form composing a new visual language. A recombiant collection of chaos and color defining a loose language of love, fusion, and obilvion. A fresh mix of floating light paintings reflecting modern trans-humanist forays into alternate planes. A spectral analysis of decodified info bytes exposed to celluloid then shot out with light . A sign, symbol, texture, pattern, image, emotion, reflection, splinter, waste, repurposed for the future. A TRANSforming into the singularity B$

Robot Institute of Chicago :: Demonstrations of Robot Prototype 2 by Dave Rowly. We will also be re-enlisting and subscribing interested parties for the RIC.


Special Workshops / Presentations/ Programs

Friday Dec 6 : antiwarmongering during MEDIA WAR day
4th floor screeing room
8:30pm Paying the Price by John Pilger::
In a hard-hitting special report, award-winning journalist and filmmaker John Pilger
investigates the effects of sanctions on the people of Iraq and finds that ten years of extraordinary isolation, imposed by the UN and enforced by the US and Britain, have killed more people than the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan.
9:30 Talk with Joe Proulx of Iraq Peace Team and Voices in The Wilderness

Demos of projects, stencilling and other propaganda to be presente4d.

In the Heaven Media Room::
Saturday Dec 7th : que se vayan todos! cry out with argentina!
7pm -9pm the land, the street, the square courtesy of italy and argentina IMC
In english and spanish (with subtitles) 40min.

There will also be a slideshow presentation and workshop and putting out a call to action to people in Chicago to participate in the international day of solidarity with the people of argentina on dec. 20 2002

Saturday Dec 7, 10pm - Eric Fensler Game Contest. program and details TBA

Sunday 7pm Tropisms presentation by Luuk Bowman of :; Luuk will explain how his new media project cum weblog/work in progress functions and will upload his video weblogs from the Select Media Festival. To work with Luuk to make a video weblog entry email to make arrrangements

Sunday Dec 8 9pm ::Release party for Caboose #3: The Modular Karaoke Issue
Electric videoke in tandem with the Select Media Festival  closing party. Your karaoke performance may be broadcast on WPBR (88.9 fm)

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