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Select Media Festival Dec 5-8, 2002

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4pm : [ELSEWHERE] The Minders (60 min) - Sean McAllister (on an Iraqi minder)

5pm: Anti-War shorts Program ! Approx 60 min)
MF-47 Network – Aliens by Davy Force / 2001 (2min)
They are here on CNN MSNBCIA.

State of the Union by Bryan Boyce 2001 1:43
Baby Bush meets Tubby-land. Completed in August 2001, this project was initially just a simple comic skewering of George W. Bush and his defense policies—but after September 11th, it took on a whole new meaning. State of the Union now has a surreal documentary quality that is genuinely disturbing.
"Bryan Boyce's hilarious Bush-meets-Telletubbies spoof, State of the Union garnered some of the most enthusiastic and raucous audiences of this, or any, festival."
—Paul Power, on 42nd Thessaloniki Film Festival program

Election Collectibles by Bryan Boyce 2000
Election Collectibles, a take on infomercials and packaged politics. features the Presidential candidates hawking an Election 2000 "super premium" commemorative item.

Sign / 2001 / (10min)
(Nobukazu Takemura / Katsura Moschino )
Collaboration between artist, Katsuro Moschino and musician, Nobukazu Takemura. The world Moschino draws looks looks pretty similar to the one we live in today… pitting nature against industry with ambiguous results.

Terror Iraq Weapons by Mike Nourse 2002
A re -edit of the President Bush's 2002 State Of the Union address that hones the speech to its core messages.

MF-47 Network - USA-K ULTRA by Davy Force / 2001 (3 min)
Patriotism, Shopping, and Mind Control...

The War Conspiracy by GNN 2001 (5 min)
The CIA suppression of Peter Dale Scott. In his review of the book, The War Conspiracy, Noam Chomsky remarked on Scott's "meticulous and fascinating analysis of intelligence conspiracies and the links between the 'intelligence community' and corporate power." Now, three decades after the sabotaged publication of the book, Guerrilla News Network presents a beat-driven, design-enhanced video of The War Conspiracy.

Special Report by Bryan Boyce/ 2000 (4 min)
What if TV news wasn't merely horrifying but literally came from horror movies? Bryan Boyce (maker of last year's State of the Union) puts terrifying words in the mouths of America's top-rated merchants of terror.

6pm: Featured Filmmaker Series: Vanessa Renwick
WARNING video 4 min. 1997
A slamming collage of audio and visual warnings
acting as a wake up call to encroaching censorship.

CROWDOG super8 to video 7 min. 1984/1998 Reading about The American Indian Movement makes me pick up and hitch hike out to Pine Ridge Rez in South Dakota during a period in my life where I walked barefoot for 2 1/2 years.

TOXIC SHOCK 16mm 3 min. 1983 Penetration up the wazoo, blood, fire, gas, needles, tampons, liquid power and cocktails of the burning sort. My experimental response to sweating out near death with Toxic Shock Syndrome.

FOOD IS A WEAPON 16mm & S8 to video 4 min. 1998 Haunting NW logging footage from the 1940‚s reveals old growth treasures looted for the war effort. A Eulogy for trees.

THE YODELING LESSON video 3 min. 1998 Yodeling bagpipe bicycling booty. Xtra Tuf zine writer Moe Bowstern bombs Mississippi Avenue Hill in Portland.

WORSE video 5 min. 1994 An interview with a staunch pro-lifer who has been picketing an abortion clinic for 6 years, 6 days a week, 6 hours a day. With a chorus provided by The Ladies Accordion Gospel Team singing the March of the Pro-lifer.

MINE video 1 min. 1998 This is all out panting desire - tasty, mmmm..

WESTWARD HO video 2 min 2001 Hot Pro-Classic Rodeo action. This video unzips the latent homo-erotic potential underlying the macho cowboy posturing at the Pendleton Oregon Round-up. Let Œer buck!

THE UGLY MOVIE video 10 min. 1999 A candid documentation of a film shoot gone hideously bad with writer William T. Vollmann drawing a prostitute in a Tenderloin hotel. Ugly.

RICHART video 23 min. 2001 Co-directed by Dawn Smallman tour through the mind of obsessive collagist and visionary artist Richard Tracy.

7pm: [We Interrupt this broadcast: Shorts]
(originally presented at version>02)

MF-47 Network - USA-K ULTRA / 2001 (3 min)
(DAVY FORCE!) Patriotism Shopping, and mind control

S-11 (Channel) Surfing the Apocalypse / 2001 (12 min)
(GNN) Culled from over 20 hours of television footage recorded over a one month period and across 13 networks, S-11 Redux is a sound-bite blitzkrieg that challenges the messages we have been fed from our mainstream media and the government it serves. Be warned - this video moves quickly and will require at least two viewings to digest its full impact. You may never be able to look at the coverage of S-11 and its post-impact coverage the same way, ever again.

Retooling dissent / 2002 (20 min)
(Street Rec) A Chicago collective looks at four examples of tactical media projects during the WEF protests and gathering in NYC last March.

Surveillance Report 02.03.02 / 2002 (7 min)
(4N6) An interview with a NYC Surveillance Camera Players on the growing threat of unlawful surveillance by authorities.

PropagandaWatch / 2001 ( 5min)
(GNN). Stealing the spin from the PR industry. A profile of John Stauber of PR watch.

New Kids on the Black Block / 2002 (12 min)
(Las Agencias ) Las Agencias are a network of autonomous groups working to build biopolitical antagonism positions. NKOTBB is one of their latest contibutions.

8pm: [It Came from Japan] Shorts and videos Curated by Yoshie Suzuki
Videos by Cornelius and his friends.

9pm Featured Filmmaker Series: Station Wagon Films

Made up of Brian Check, Mike Finch, Mick O‚Dwyer, & Doug Seay, Stationwagon is a creative group with many skills ranging from graphic art to video production, scriptwriting to acting and directing. They have achieved a level of cult status with their series of three movies following the trials and tribulations of two skaters Bootsy and Rachel.

Hardly Ever trailer 1.35
A trailer for the Stationwagon film Hardly Ever (shot 2002 and to be premiered 2003). Hardly is a comedy/dramatic short story of miscommunication and aggravating work environments.

Ann's Cell Hell 1.50
This silly micro short film (2002) examines a young woman's search for a new cell phone after an idiot breaks her first one.

Bohoosh Blahoot: A Lesson In Business 3.14
An informative short (2002) examining the life and habits of Bohoosh Blahoot, the lead character in his own feature. This also serves as a guide into Bohoosh's methods in business, of which he is very proud.

Mouse On Mars: Ju Ju 5.09
An experimental work set to the Mouse On Mars song 'Ju Ju' displaying abstract form and movement. (2001)

The Bohoosh Blahoot Story 38.33

This comedy feature (2002) gives a day-in-the-life examination of
Bohoosh Blahoot, a tireless Businessman that finds that his dreams of big business are failing everyday. Before the day is done, Bohoosh has to gather his resources for some major Business that could be his end.

10pm: Testimonios hiphop Colombiano Ano 2000

a columbian hip hop doc (3o min) / / along with el -p and eminem vid
Testimonios hiphop Colombiano Ano 2000
The documentary Testimonios hiphop Colombiano Ano 2000 was made in 2000, through the collaboration of several people working under the name of Intermundos. Intermundos is a collaborative whose intent is to create cultural bridges between Colombian and western youth. Our intent with this documentary was to make an initial product that would help promote the Colombian hiphop movement in the United States. Colombia has been at war for 40 years. In recent years violence has incremented, largely due to the United States involvement in this country's politics. Colombia has been completely isolated communication-wise from the rest of the world through what I call an information blockade. The only information that does filter threw is largely erroneous. In Colombia two and a half million people have lost there homes due to violence. Indigenous leaders are consistently being killed by right winged paramilitaries and loosing their territory which leads to the disintegration of their culture. Colombia is continuously being fumigated with herbicides by US companies, even thought it has been proven that fumigation in no way lowers the amount of illegal crop being grown. Today new companies are trying to obtain the Colombian government's consent to fumigate Fusarium, a genetically engineered fungus which has never been tested in the wild. Colombia is the worlds second most bio diverse country. It still has 64different indigenous groups. If the raging war against drugs continues to tear up this country, a huge patrimony for humanity will be lost insofar as natural resources and millinery indigenous knowledge. Hiphop is the new universally understood language of the youth of the ghettos worldwide. By bringing the Colombian hiphop movement out of its isolation and incorporating it within its international community, we are creating a bridge whereby unedited information will be exchanged, thus fomenting a new understanding of Colombia's situation.
-vannessa of Intermundos
For further information please contact Vanessa at

10:40 pm: Crowd Bites Wolf

Crowd Bites Wolf - Prague Video
Excellent video from the demonstrations against the World Bank and the IMF in Prague in September 2000. The Bristol posse join the black block, the pink and silver block and those crazy Italians in the old Eastern Block. Includes exclusive footage of the 'leaders' of the demonstration coordinating things from the depths of the Chiapas jungle.

Heaven Screening Room Program SUNDAY DEC 8

4pm : GNN Fall Program

New videos by GNN including; Aftermath ; Unanswered Questions from 9-11, Most Dangerous Game, Copwatch, Eminem video White America
SEE Friday Dec 6 10pm program for description.

5pm Ninja Tune vs -Mute

Some banging Ninja Tune videos by Roots Manuva, Amon Tobin, Mr Scruff and Dj Vadim, square off with fresh work from Mute's Add N to (X), SI Futures, Schneider TM, Liars, Luke Slater and Looper, Sick new work not seen on MTanything.

6pm Cul De Sac (2002) by Garrett Scott 56 minutes

In 1995 all of America turned their attention to a sub-division in San Diego, as another tragedy played out through the lens of the media. Shawn Nelson, an unemployed suburban plumber, stole an army tank and careened through the streets of Clairemont. Thirty minutes later, with the tank stuck on a meridian, police climbed on top of the vehicle and shot Nelson.
Cul de Sac: A Suburban War Story, is a poignant documentary that digs beneath the surface of media reports about Shawn Nelson. Writer director Garrett Scott looks at the incident in the context of the decline of the suburban ideal and the ramifications for social interaction when a boom economy flatlines.
Interviews with Nelson's friends and family and archival footage of San Diego's deteriorating military industry powerfully contribute to Scott's investigation of the personal and social climate behind this seemingly random act of violence. The 2002 Toronto International Film Festival calls it "a fascinating chronicle of downward mobility, a bleak spiral of cause and effect."

7pm Japanese commercials we like from IDN PRO

sampling of award winning commercial work form Japan, culled from IDN

8PM - 8PM Kraniak Dinner Sampler aprox 45 min
A surreal adventure in video segments with our new friends from other space. Includes kraniak needs a heart and dream for the dendrite.

9PM : Disinfo Tv Show. Episode 4

Disinformation® TV
Satanisn * Shemales * Extreme Pornography * Time Travel * Fetish * Outsider Music * Conspiracy Theories * Weird Science * Mind Controlled Sex o Slaves of the CIA * Robot Sex * Hillbillies on fire…
How far is too far? Well, when it comes to "reality TV", you’d think nothing was too outrageous for prime time these days--but you’d be wrong. Just 12 days before it was to air on the SCI FI Channel, the Disinformation® series was unceremoniously dropped despite being listed in TV guides and the TIVO service.

10PM :: --Select DVD #5

Be the last on your block to watch our new DVD compilation on closing nte. After you see it don't forget to share it with friends. You receive a complimentary copy upon entry to the festival. Hard hitting work, satire and freaky music vids combine to show you a sampling of great work featured at this years Select Media Festival. Includes:
Witness the Fitness - Roots Manuva (Ninja Tune)
Terror, Iraq, Weapons - Mike Nourse
State of the Union - Bryan Boyce
Aftermath - GNN
It's On DJ Vadim feat Vakill (Ninja Tune)
Reality Check - Schneider Tm (City Slang/Mute)
Special Report - Bryan Boyce
The Most Dangerous Game - GNN
Verbal - Amon Tobin Feat MC Decimal R (NinjaTune)
GI Joe PSAs - Eric Fensler
Printer Jam - Douggpound
Sweetsmoke - Mr Scruff (Ninja Tune)
Integration - Spectralina
Copwatch – GNN
Election Collectibles - Bryan Boyce
Sales and Image Company Seminar #7- Eric Fensler
Orbits and Explosions - Mark Salemi
A Lesson in Business - Station Wagon Films
Videos de Paper Rad - Paper Rad


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