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Select Media Festival Dec 5-8, 2002

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Note to fest goers: We may change the venue and screening rooms. Come to 2nd floor to get pass and venue information.

5pm : Microcinema International Shorts Selections ::
Microcinema international presents September Edition (in December) A microcinema Independent Exposure program.

Summer Vacation – Mark O’Connell (Seattle) – DV, 3: min My summer vacation…

Untitled – Brett Simon (Berkeley) – DV, 3: min A video lullaby I made for myself on September 11th.

Postcard to Oz – Richard Koenig (Michigan) – DV, 3 min Built around that oft-heard postcard cliché, wish you were here, this digital video is about longing, duplicity, and loss.

Flee – Tamara Taddeo (Quebec, CAN) – 16mm, 4:55 min A film on how pathetically we keep people away from us in the name of pride.

Observatory – Ryan O’Connor (Queensland, AUS) – 16mm, 4:05. min Humans bring fish-like characteristics and mannerisms to their behavioural patterns in this piece about watching and being watched.

Vision Test – Wes Kim (Seattle) – DV, 5 min What begins as a routine eye exam turns into a troubling dramatization of attitudes towards minorities in the United States.

Twirl Girl – Trish van Heusen (Seattle) – Super-8mm, 4:19 min A study of circular motion incorporating hand processing with animation, rotoscoping, and borrowed footage.

Transit Man – Kyle Hurley (Maryland) – 16mm, 5:30 min A trip to San Francisco, a phone call, and a moped.

Talking Richard Wilson Blues – Nicholas Twemlow (NY) – 16mm, 8:40 min Based on a poem by Denis Johnson and broadcasting endlessly from the Max Security Laundry above the world on the seventh level, the radio transmission of Richard Wilon’s life. Wison’s punishment for murder is to listen to his own voice on the radio repeating his life and crimes.

Teeth – Ian Kibbey (Berkeley) – DV, 3 min The story of a boy’s separation from himself at the hands of the medical industrial complex.

Tales on the Marshes – Mikhail Jeleznikov (St. Petersburg, Russia) – DV, 3 min A video essay to the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg. The history of St. Petersburg, and the USSR, as if interpreted by a child.

Icarus of Pittsburgh – Kirk Hostetter and Evan Mather (Seattle/LA) – DV, 10 min Archie MdNally is known as the greatest Pittsburgh Steelers fan ever because of his daring exploits during the 1979 AFC Championship game when – using a suit of his own construction – he attempted to fly to heaven to visit his dead father.

6pm : [Aesthetic Underground\ ( Radical and Critical Shorts)
(Orignally presented at Version>03)

sign / 2001 / (DV, 10min)
(Nobukazu Takemura / Katsura Moschino )

Collaboration between artist, Katsuro Moschino and musician, Nobukazu Takemura. The world Moschino draws looks looks pretty similar to the one we live in today… pitting nature against industry with ambiguous results.

The War Conspiracy / 2001 (DV, 5 min)
(GNN) The CIA suppression of Peter Dale Scott. In his review of the book, The War Conspiracy, Noam Chomsky remarked on Scott's "meticulous and fascinating analysis of intelligence conspiracies and the links between the 'intelligence community' and corporate power." Now, three decades after the sabotaged publication of the book, Guerrilla News Network presents a beat-driven, design-enhanced video of The War Conspiracy.

Vital X; kissing Project / 1999-2001, (DV, 8 min)
(Yoshie Suzuki) Public displays of affection and French kissing with strangers.

47hz / 2001 (DV, 2 min)
DAVY FORCE! Short version of robotic takeover scenario.

8 Bits or Less / 2001 (DV, 8 min)
(Patrick Lichty ) 8 bits or less is a journey into covert video. It explores the society of the spectacle, hungry pets, and alien abduction. The first film made with a casio watch camera to the beats of 8 Bit Construction Set//

Magic in Reverse / 2001 (DV, 4 min)
(Selina Trepp) Live in shalaland we transcend time and space, do the dance of destiny, giving you some of what we feel. Selina Trepp- video / Dan Bitney- audio

When the Smoke Clearz / 2001 (DV, 3 min)
(GNN) Over the past 20 years Hip Hop has evolved from the underground "CNN of the ghetto" to the biggest game in the record business. Yet, despite its socially conscious foundation, Hip Hop is now a multi-billion dollar industry; tightly controlled by a handful of record labels, a music video monopoly, and payola-ridden corporate radio. If there was ever a need for a reformer, the time is now.

Slave to Love - NYC Glitch 2001 (DV, 5 min)
(Eric Johnson.) Pulseprogramming music video

Knowing Was Half the Battle pt 1 / 2002 / 1 min
( Eric Fensler) Public Service Announcements from our pals at GI Joe and fensler academy.

Countdown / 2001 (4min)
(GNN) For those of you not interested in ringing in Dubya's ill-gotten presidency with the musical stylings of Ricky Martin and 98 Degrees, GNN offers an alternative: a Guerrilla News Video cut to "Countdown," Beastie Boy Ad Rock's remix of Green Party Presidential candidate Ralph Nader's blistering critique of the news media and the current state of American politics. The video features GNN's innovative video-scratching technique, cut with footage from the Battle of Seattle, nightly news broadcasts and Mr. Nader's addresses at the Green Party National Convention and the NAACP.

Introduction To the Oil Industry 2001 (6 min.)
(B$) The Office of Fatherland Defense commissioned video artists B$ to create a document that sampled the contemporary web graphic styles of patriots on the internet.

The Principal's Office/ 2001 (3 min)
(CELL Media) One of CELL Media’s agents secretly taped an interaction with their school principal and a teacher when he was in high school. It’s a reminder about why some of us try to resist the pig system.

Knowing Was Half the Battle pt 2 / 2002 / 1 min
( Eric Fensler) Public Service Announcements from our pals at GI Joe and Fensler Academy.

Little Brother Gets Busted / 2001 ( 8min)
(CELL Media) In this lively and engaging tale, a naive young robot runs afoul of the law - and wacky hijinks ensue! Through the trials and tribulations of our protagonist, we discover the nuances of U.S. drug enforcement policy and learn valuable lessons including proper procedures for handling police interrogations and hiding contraband in one's anal cavity. Stars "Little Brother" (widely acclaimed robotic spokesman for the Institute for Applied Autonomy) with an international cast. Originally released as a filmstrip, Little Brother Gets Busted is now available in a range of formats, including VHS, Shockwave, MPEG, and self-running PowerPoint presentation.

S-11 (Channel) Surfing the Apocalypse / 2001 (12 min)
(GNN) Culled from over 20 hours of television footage recorded over a one month period and across 13 networks, S-11 Redux is a sound-bite blitzkrieg that challenges the messages we have been fed from our mainstream media and the government it serves. Be warned - this video moves quickly and will require at least two viewings to digest its full impact. You may never be able to look at the coverage of S-11 and its post-impact coverage the same way, ever again.

MF-47 NETWORK – aliens / 2001 (2min)
They are here on CNN MSNBCIA.

Surveillance Report 02.03.02 / 2002 (7 min)
(4N6) An interview with a NYC Surveillance Camera Players on the growing threat of unlawful surveillance by authorities.

7:30: The Best of Group 312 Shorts8:30: Yes Men videos
The Yes Men are a genderless, loose-knit association of some three hundred impostors worldwide. Their feeling today can be summed up in one simple phrase: Seeking Investment Capital.
Although their name contains the word "Men," it doesn't describe who they are, it describes what they do: they use any means necessary to agree their way into the fortified compounds of commerce, ask questions, and then smuggle out the stories of their undercover escapades to provide a public glimpse at the behind-the-scenes world of business.
The following story comes from the good folks at ®TMark and the Yes Men. ®TMark is a legal corporation working for cultural profit instead of a monetary one. They bring international funding to guerilla campaigns with a variety of worthy targets.
A recent spoof was the creation of The GATT was the predecessor of the World Trade Organization and at first glance the website ®TMark created at the domain looks official. In early 2000, ®TMark transferred to a group of brilliant impostors known as The Yes Men. In May 2000, The Yes Men received an e-mail inviting Mike Moore, Director-General of the WTO, to discuss the WTO at a conference on international trade matters. The Yes Men decided to do the ethical thing... and to try their best to fulfill the request.
In late October, one Dr. Andreas Bichlbauer--the substitute "Moore" decided to send--spoke at the conference. His lecture described the WTO's ideas and ultimate aims in terms that were horrifyingly stark--suggesting, for example, the replacement of inefficient democratic institutions like elections with private-sector solutions like an Internet startup selling votes to the highest corporate bidder. None of the lawyers in attendance expressed dismay at Dr. Bichlbauer's proposals. Apparently few in the audience could tell the difference between Bichlbauer's staged ravings and the WTO's usual "Free Trade Uber Alles" pitch.

9:00: Featured Filmmaker; Jon Schnepp of King Robot
Mr.Sunshine 1998 15 min
Flak Crisp 1999 8 min
SourBoy & PepGirl 1999 8 min
The Removers 2001 22 min
Visitor 2002 12 min

10pm: Featured Filmmaker: Eric Fensler

Eric Fensler is a comic genius. These works show both his hillarious and more pensive side.
Im putting you in the mood here.

Monday thru Monday
Film i did in way back in the day, when i was 13, sound is bad, but the images live forever, and ever.

...comes great resonsability.

A little teaser i made from the footage i had shot for a spidey film. i almost got arrested, so i had to shut down the whole production. A couple lay-offs too, sorry guys.

G.I. Joe "And Knowing Was Half The Battle"
Low Brow, Potty Humor. Its not funny, its stupid.

Loki "Six feet of Space"
Beautiful song, with absolutley gorgeous images. That's Nick Myers by the way. He plays guitar better than all of you put together.

Some of you fenslerfans will reconize this as Sunset Feelings, w/ no intro. Well i messed up, just watch it anyway.

10 images
You have to really think when watching this one. You might cry. Its okay though, just let it go.
Blonde Redhead "Certain Melody of Three" a fan making a video for a band, how cute.

Hot Box
I wanted to make a piece that i could play on my HD-Plasma screen at home. One that could just loop over and over, and would be like a painting on my wall. I made some music, got a location in Key West, shot the video, and completed my vision.

11pm [HERE] Standing by Yourself (punk home-video)) (60 min) - by Josh Koury

presented by Luuk Bowman..

MIDNIGHT MOVIE:: Documentary video Cul De Sac by Garrett Scott (2002) 56 min

In 1995 all of America turned their attention to a sub-division in San Diego, as another tragedy played out through the lens of the media. Shawn Nelson, an unemployed suburban plumber, stole an army tank and careened through the streets of Clairemont. Thirty minutes later, with the tank stuck on a meridian, police climbed on top of the vehicle and shot Nelson.
Cul de Sac: A Suburban War Story, is a poignant documentary that digs beneath the surface of media reports about Shawn Nelson. Writer director Garrett Scott looks at the incident in the context of the decline of the suburban ideal and the ramifications for social interaction when a boom economy flatlines.
Interviews with Nelson's friends and family and archival footage of San Diego's deteriorating military industry powerfully contribute to Scott's investigation of the personal and social climate behind this seemingly random act of violence. The 2002 Toronto International Film Festival calls it "a fascinating chronicle of downward mobility, a bleak spiral of cause and effect."

Heaven Screening Room Program SATURDAY DEC 7
5pm:: GASBOOK 8

Gasbook is project that comes out of Japan. The word 'Gasbook' indicates a meaning of 'vagueness' or 'something one can't explain'. On every edition, it aims to express a cutting-edge style of media-mix among graphic design, music, fashion etc by packaging CD-Rom, DVD, T-shirt, paper magazines and so on. Gasbook 8 features work by; Acne International, c404, Dainippon Type Organization, Geoff McFetridge, H5, Intro, Katsuki Tanaka, Nendo, Run Wrake, Shynola, Sountain + Mono*crafts, Syd Garon + Eric Henry, The Designers Republic, Tomato, Yutanpo Shirane.

6:30 pm - 3 Deluxe (Die Gestalten Verlag)

- 3 Deluxe
For a while there was a wave of cheesy 3-D computer-generated text on flyers and posters. You might have caught a wire-frame model as a backdrop, or a crude, blocky landscape as filler. 3D Deluxe goes well beyond those basics and presents the current state of 3-D graphics and interiors in a hefty hardcover book and a lovely DVD accompaniment. Not only are these designers working with graphics in three dimensions, but they have also been creating entire reactive environments using space and color to create mood and content. In this presentation you will see everything: sharp speech-generated typography, bionic stretched abstract architectural forms, abstract floating hazy swatches of three-dimensional color too impressionistic to be explained.
This program shows amazing documentation of the installations of these works, most notably Scape: the young people's media pavilion at the Hanover Expo 2000. Visitors were not only treated to beautiful and far-out landscapes, they were also able to interact with the environments. Giant genetic kaleidoscopes of color, floating squids that swim to your touch, reactive reclining chairs and synchronized light shows were just some of the treats inside. Like peering into the future, the haunting ideas contained within these installations are viscerally surreal; the footage of images being projected on clouds of mist and falling water is still draped across my mind. 3D Deluxe presents work at the forefront of the new media assault, showcasing spaces that blur the lines between graphics, architecture, art, and sculpture, creating environments that can do nothing but evolve and evoke emotion out of all who pass through them.

8:00 pm: - Emperor Norton vs thrill jockey vids
Videos by Ladytron, Money Mark, Miss Kitten and the HAcker, Senor Coconut and Tortoise, Mouse on Mars, Bobby Conn, and Califone.

9pm:: Chill Videos.

Shorts and animation program featuring work by // Brien Rullman, c404, Paper Rad- Shynola, Spectralina, Kelly Noah, Elisa Harkin, Pete Bergeron

Slicker 05 GM Japan Mix by Brien Rullman.2001
Music video made by Rullman from OVT cut to a Slicker hit.

Presto Artist Selection by C404 2002
Great use of video and design skills.

"Crunchy" by Junior Senior directed by Shynola 2002
In the tradition of the 8 bit video game music video comes Junior Senior.

Action by Spectralina Selina Trepp (video) Dan Bitney (audio) 2002
Enter the atomic secrets.

Disease by Elisa Harkin
personal story illustrating how native americans in Oklahoma are treated like they are a disease. animation is of a beautiful disease multiplying slowly on the screen.

Interrogation by Spectralina Selina Trepp (video) Dan Bitney (audio) 2002

Videos de Paper Rad by Paper Rad.
A selection of the animated craft and retarded genius for your 3 eyes.

Plastic Pussy by Kelly Noah (2002)

Three shorts by Pete Bergeron
Untitled. – dv
Mating habits

Sunset Strip Riot – video
A PSA with something happening.

Master/Slave - Animation
the brand new school applied look.

10pm : [It Came from Japan] curated by Yoshi Suzuki
Videos by Cornelius and his friends.

11PM :: -- Disinfo Tv Show. Episode 3

Disinformation® TV
Satanisn * Shemales * Extreme Pornography * Time Travel * Fetish * Outsider Music * Conspiracy Theories * Weird Science * Mind Controlled Sex o Slaves of the CIA * Robot Sex * Hillbillies on fire…
How far is too far? Well, when it comes to "reality TV", you’d think nothing was too outrageous for prime time these days--but you’d be wrong. Just 12 days before it was to air on the SCI FI Channel, the Disinformation® series was unceremoniously dropped despite being listed in TV guides and the TIVO service.

1997, Belgium/France colour/black & white, 68 min written, edited and directed by Johan Grimonprez / excerpts from Mao II and White Noise by Don DeLillo

dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, a history of hijacking by the Belgian video-artist Johan Grimonprez. In this video Grimonprez is retelling Don Delillo’s claim that it is the hijacker who has taken over the writer’s place in captivating the audience’s imagination. We present this film to provide commentary and insight on the skyjackings of 9-11 and the subsequent age. Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y is screened for educational purposes in order to reflect on its exploration of skyjacking and terrorism as seen through the television systems of the 60s and 70s via Grimonprez's unclear presentation.

"Dial History. Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y. Sixty-eight minutes of video about air hijackings. A shock of recognition. Hijackings, attacks, images from the news which helped my outlook on life, and I never realized it myself. Seen on the news between the children’s cartoon show and the 7 o’clock TV series. I remember this; the heads of the hijackers, I instinctively identify with them. Is that because of the intoxication that video produces, the nose-dive through the visual material, or is it actual identification?
Dial History. Allow me to explain the title. The terrorist is the last individual of the twentieth century, making a call to the history hotline. Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, 1-800. Is it the number you can call to become a part of history? The terrorist draws world history towards himself. You place a bomb and make a phone call. The bomb explodes and you’re on TV. If you’re on TV then you’re a part of history. Right? "
- Arie Altena

an excellent essay about dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y essay is found at


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