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Select Media Festival Dec 5-8, 2002

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7:30 PM Iraq films
Videos filmed in iraq during recent trips by activists and peace teamers.

8:30PM Paying the Price by John Pilger::

In a hard-hitting special report, award-winning journalist and filmmaker John Pilger investigates the effects of sanctions on the people of Iraq and finds that ten years of extraordinary isolation, imposed by the UN and enforced by the US and Britain, have killed more people than the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan.

9:30 PMTalk with Joe Proulx of Iraq peace team and Voices in The Wilderness

10pm: [Guerrilla News Network :; Fall 2002 Program

New videos by GNN including; Aftermath ; Unanswered Questions from 9-11, Most Dangerous Game, Copwatch, Eminem video White America

The Most Dangerous Game: by GNN
Originally created for executives at one of the largest and most respected US cable networks, GNN's trailer for The Most Dangerous Game developed into of cult hit all on its own. With its uncannily mysterious protagonists and controversial subject matter, the film looked like a good bet for a late night slot in the powerful documentary division. Especially after the network invested cash and sent some its top producers down to Tennessee to shoot the riveting medical examination that was to form the basis for the film's climax.
However, after reviewing the trailer and holding several discussions about the film's potential, GNN was told that the feature would not be financed . The reason? The subject matter was too marginal in interest for the network's core audience. Not an unrealistic conclusion. Ironically, after the network passed on the deal to develop the content into a feature film, the trailer began to circulate discreetly, among industry insiders, many of whom have commented on the high level of intrigue that is created by the trailer itself.

Copwatch – by GNN
American television audiences have long been accustomed to the celebration of rawkus police action via the Fox Network's signature exploitation, COPS. And while, for many, the show is a tell-tale sign of our militarized world, for others, it represents something far more sinister and far-reaching. Namely, the broad inculcation and deep internalization of the notion that society cannot exist without the men and women in blue who patrol the perimeter of our increasingly gated communities. By carefully omitting coverage of police brutality and corruption, COPS has succesfully sanitized the image of our urban police forces in ways that few propagandists could have ever imagined possible.
And so, in the spirit of striking back by reversing the power structure, GNN presents CopWatch, a journey into the dangerous world of community police oversight as epitomized by pioneer activists Andrea Pritchett and Jacob Crawford. Founded in 1990, the Berkeley chapter of CopWatch sought to revitalize the Sixties-era initiative originally conceived by the Black Panthers. Over the past twelve years, CopWatch chapters have begun to spring up across the United States. With the recent high-profile cases of police brutality and fears of a looming police state, they might be just in time.

11PM Antiwar Shorts 2 with Paul Chan

PSA Sunset Strip Riots by Pete Bergeron 2 min
There's something happening here. If only more designers could apply their skills for the revolution.

Re:The_Operation by Paul Chan (work-in-progress, 2002) (27:30 min)
Based on a set of drawings that depict Bush cabinet members as wounded soldiers and officers in the war against terrorism, Re:The_Operation explores the sexual and political dynamics of war through the lives of the cabinet members as they physically engage in each other and the enemy. Letters, notes, and other textual ephemera written by the members are narrated and accompanied by digital snapshots from around the world that act as mental images for the members as they articulate the neuroses and obsessions that drive them. Re:The_Operation exists both as a single channel video piece and a set of desktop replacement icons for MAC and PC. The icons can be downloaded at:
Paul Chan lives in New York City.

Happiness (finally)
after 35,000 years of Civilization by Paul Chan (2002) (17:00 min)
How long does it take to build Utopia? Who will build it? Will food and sex there be any good?
Happiness (finally) after 35,000 years of civilization is an experimental animation project that reinterprets the drawings of Outsider artist Henry Darger and the writings of Utopian socialist Charles Fourier to explore the western concept of Utopia and the struggle to create an equitable, pleasurable, self-sustaining society.

MIDNIGHT MOVIE:: Information War: The Hactivists / 2001 ( 60 Min) by Ian Wlaker (Australia)
In the "information war" of the new millenium, the first shots have already been fired. And the "internet warriors" might be just one click away from a virtual revolution.
So begins the story of The Hactivists, a one-hour documentary which provides a cutting edge snapshot of cultural subversion at the dawn of the digital age. It explores the exponential growth in anti-capitalist activism around the world and the new nodes of protest available via computers and the internet. It's a movement that is leaderless, global, anarchic and chaotic...the internet come to life! And its coming soon to a website and a city near you.

Heaven Screening Room Program FRIDAY DEC 6
PM - Gasbook 9

Gasbook is project that comes out of Japan. The word 'Gasbook' indicates a meaning of 'vagueness' or 'something one can't explain'. On every edition, it aims to express a cutting-edge style of media-mix among graphic design, music, fashion etc by packaging CD-Rom, DVD, T-shirt, paper magazines and so on. The theme of Gasbook 9 is "Insect". The DVD video features the works of Nick Parich, Naohiro Ukawa, The Designers Republic, Prince Tongha, Alex + Martin, Katsuki Tanaka, etc.

9:30 PM - Funky PorciniVDV Fast Asleep (UK) - US premier

Not so much a music video as a collage of images to fit the mood. Be prepared to find yourself snorting awake in front of the telly at 3am.
In a world dominated by superficial fads, dismal celebrities, and dreary dreary soap operas, Funki Porcini decided to take to his bed. Two years later and against the advise of his doctors he has recently resurfaced in order to try to redress the situation.
The result is what you have in front of you, a super somnambulance of sounds for the sleepy. Not content to bring you just a CD he has in conjunction with his old friend Team Alcohol (aka Rupert Small), produced a visual representation of the music which is released here as VDV a dvd of eight films. Six of the films are made to tracks from the album with an extra track Atomic Kitchen and a visual representation to Ritmo di Jazz released originally on Let’s See What Carmen Can Do. So all you have to do is slip the discs into their respective drives get comfortable, and enjoy the thoroughly uninteractive Push Once technology.

10:30 PM : Ninja Tune vs -Mute

Some banging Ninja Tune videos by Roots Manuva, Amon Tobin, Mr Scruff and Dj Vadim, square off with the freshest and latest work from Mute's Add N to (X), SI Futures, Schneider TM, Liars, Luke Slater and Looper, Sick new work not seen on MTanything.

11:30 PM -- Disinfo Tv Show. Episode 2

Disinformation® TV
Satanisn * Shemales * Extreme Pornography * Time Travel * Fetish * Outsider Music * Conspiracy Theories * Weird Science * Mind Controlled Sex o Slaves of the CIA * Robot Sex * Hillbillies on fire…
How far is too far? Well, when it comes to "reality TV", you’d think nothing was too outrageous for prime time these days--but you’d be wrong. Just 12 days before it was to air on the SCI FI Channel, the Disinformation® series was unceremoniously dropped despite being listed in TV guides and the TIVO service.

12:30 am :: Chill Videos.

Shorts and animation program featuring work by // Brien Rullman, c404, Paper Rad- Shynola, Spectralina, Kelly Noah, Elisa Harkin, Pete Bergeron

Slicker 05 GM Japan Mix by Brien Rullman.2001
Music video made by Rullman from OVT cut to a Slicker hit.

Presto Artist Selection by C404 2002
Great use of video and design skills.

"Crunchy" by Junior Senior directed by Shynola 2002
In the tradition of the 8 bit video game music video comes Junior Senior.

Action by Spectralina Selina Trepp (video) Dan Bitney (audio) 2002
Enter the atomic secrets.

Disease by Elisa Harkin
personal story illustrating how native americans in Oklahoma are treated like they are a disease. animation is of a beautiful disease multiplying slowly on the screen.

Interrogation by Spectralina Selina Trepp (video) Dan Bitney (audio) 2002

Videos de Paper Rad by paper Rad.
A selection of the animated craft and retarded genius for your 3 eyes.

Plastic Pussy by Kelly Noah (2002)

Three shorts by Pete Bergeron
Untitled. – dv
Mating habits

Sunset Strip Riot – video
A PSA with something happening.

Master/Slave - Animation
the brand new school applied look.


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