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Select Media Festival Dec 5-8, 2002

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MAIN ROOM:: (4th floor aboove heaven)
8PM -Culture Jam: Hijacking Commercial Culture
Feature film: Culture Jam: Hijacking Commercial Culture / 2001 (57 min) by Jill Sharpe
Culturejam: Hijacking Commercial Culture delivers a fascinating rap on the 20th Century movement called Culture Jamming. Pranksters and subversive artists are causing a bit of brand damage to corporate mindshare. Jammers, cultural commentators, a billboard advertiser and a constitutional lawyer take us on a wild roller coaster ride through the back streets of our mental environment. Stopping over in San Francisco, New York's Times Square, and Toronto, we catch the jamming in action with Batman-inspired Jack Napier of the Billboard Liberation Front, Disney arch-enemy Reverend Billy from the Church of Stop Shopping and Media Tigress Carly Stasko. Culturejam asks: Is Culture Jamming civil disobedience? Senseless vandalism? The only form of self defense left?

9PM : Anti-War shorts Program ! Approx 60 min)
MF-47 Network – Aliens by Davy Force / 2001 (2min)
They are here on CNN MSNBCIA.

State of the Union by Bryan Boyce 2001 1:43
Baby Bush meets Tubby-land. Completed in August 2001, this project was initially just a simple comic skewering of George W. Bush and his defense policies—but after September 11th, it took on a whole new meaning. State of the Union now has a surreal documentary quality that is genuinely disturbing.
"Bryan Boyce's hilarious Bush-meets-Telletubbies spoof, State of the Union garnered some of the most enthusiastic and raucous audiences of this, or any, festival."
—Paul Power, on 42nd Thessaloniki Film Festival program

Election Collectibles by Bryan Boyce 2000
Election Collectibles, a take on infomercials and packaged politics. features the Presidential candidates hawking an Election 2000 "super premium" commemorative item.

Sign / 2001 / (10min)
(Nobukazu Takemura / Katsura Moschino )
Collaboration between artist, Katsuro Moschino and musician, Nobukazu Takemura. The world Moschino draws looks looks pretty similar to the one we live in today… pitting nature against industry with ambiguous results.

Terror Iraq Weapons by Mike Nourse 2002
A re -edit of the President Bush's 2002 State Of the Union address that hones the speech to its core messages.

MF-47 Network - USA-K ULTRA by Davy Force / 2001 (3 min)
Patriotism, Shopping, and Mind Control...

The War Conspiracy by GNN 2001 (5 min)
The CIA suppression of Peter Dale Scott. In his review of the book, The War Conspiracy, Noam Chomsky remarked on Scott's "meticulous and fascinating analysis of intelligence conspiracies and the links between the 'intelligence community' and corporate power." Now, three decades after the sabotaged publication of the book, Guerrilla News Network presents a beat-driven, design-enhanced video of The War Conspiracy.

Special Report by Bryan Boyce/ 2000 (4 min)
What if TV news wasn't merely horrifying but literally came from horror movies? Bryan Boyce (maker of last year's State of the Union) puts terrifying words in the mouths of America's top-rated merchants of terror.

State of The Union by Jason Archer.
The Prez’z popular spech detourned via rotoscoping and nice edtis.

Orbits and Explosions by Mark Salemi

Juxtapositioning and montage.

10PM: GNN 's S/11 Redux and Aftermath
S-11 (Channel) Surfing the Apocalypse / 2001 (12 min)
(GNN) Culled from over 20 hours of television footage recorded over a one month period and across 13 networks, S-11 Redux is a sound-bite blitzkrieg that challenges the messages we have been fed from our mainstream media and the government it serves. Be warned - this video moves quickly and will require at least two viewings to digest its full impact. You may never be able to look at the coverage of S-11 and its post-impact coverage the same way, ever again.
Aftermath by GNN (US Premier) aprox 25 minutes

Just weeks prior to the onset of mainstream media's 9/11 commemorative marathon, GNN was contacted by Unanswered Questions, organizers of the eponymous June 10, 2002 press conference at the National Press Club in Washinton, D.C.. During that initial conversation, it was reasoned that the independent media should counter the imminent onslaught of government sponsored (retaliatory) propaganda with a strong investigative piece that did not detract from or compound further the pain and suffering of the nation. Hence, the birth of an association that led to our own unique memorial for that dark day and the victims of its uncertain architects, AfterMath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11.

11 PM :: - Douggpound films
Dour Lussenhop. filmmaker, editor, musician, skater, DJ, Chicago skool Renaissance man.
This program is a retrospective of his finest work..
Excerpts from Space Station 1 (Cable Access Program) 1993
Are they as nutty as the leading brand? Calm down, have a piece of ham!
- Nutty Nuggets
- Ham Ladies #1

Excerpts from Space Station 2 (Cable Access Program) 1993 - '94
Odd, silly shorts about oats, cheese and 90210.
- Donkey Boy
- 60559 pt.1
- Step to the Cheese
- 60559 pt. 2
- Bunk Freaks
- Ham Ladies #2

Excerpts from Space Station 3 and 4 (Cable Access Program) 1994 - '95
Kid Sugar downs some pixie stix while people get lost in mini mart limbo.
- Kid Sugar
- Mini Mart Contretempts

Other Random Videos 1994 - 2002
- Space Pistols
Robot robber makes girl vanish, Mt. T shows up and Reckless doesn't have
It on CD.
- Science Aliens
Visitors from space use Pavlovian conditioning to complete a meal.
- Man of Courage: The Graham Smith Story
Short documentary on wunderkind Graham Smith, a 16 year old who may just
Be a musical genius. Funny, insightful and honest little movie that proves dreams can come true, maybe.
- Sexual Harrassment
A forgotten Kleenex Girl Wonder music video.

- Fox Techno News in the Morning
When a bland news story gets funky.

- Sweet Skateboard Buddy
Not a stop motion animation, but it looks like one. Sweet Skateboard Buddy gets gnarly.

- Perfect Burger
Tell me, how would you describe your perfect hamburger, how is it cooked
And what's on it?

- Dew and Breyers
A 5x8 film fest finalist. An interpretation of a Shakespear quote,
Something about being "bedabbled with the dew and torn with briars."

Heaven Screening Room Program DEC 5

8PM - - Gasbook 10
Gasbook is project that comes out of Japan. The word 'Gasbook' indicates a meaning of 'vagueness' or 'something one can't explain'. On every edition, it aims to express a cutting-edge style of media-mix among graphic design, music, fashion etc by packaging CD-Rom, DVD, T-shirt, paper magazines and so on. The contents of gasbook 10 include the group of film works for Radio Head's promotion and DVD including visual works and promotion video by Tomato, Bosco, Namaiki, Shing02.

9:30PM : Melange Music Videos

Melange Music Videos feature European musicans that greatly influenced the directions of the electronic music scenes at the end of the 20th Centruy. The Melange program is a look and listen of the amazing work coming from the Mute / City Slang / F Communications/ Blast First labels. The production and design on these videos is worth the peek alone. Fans of Tarwater, To roccoco rot, Kreidler, Mr Oizo, Luke Slater, Panasonic, S I Futures, and other Mute artists will surely be pleased.

11PM :: -- Disinfo Tv Show. Episode 1
Disinformation® TV
Satanisn * Shemales * Extreme Pornography * Time Travel * Fetish * Outsider Music * Conspiracy Theories * Weird Science * Mind Controlled Sex o Slaves of the CIA * Robot Sex * Hillbillies on fire…
How far is too far? Well, when it comes to "reality TV", you’d think nothing was too outrageous for prime time these days--but you’d be wrong.
Just 12 days before it was to air on the SCI FI Channel, the Disinformation® series was unceremoniously dropped despite being listed in
TV guides and the TIVO service.
Hosted by Disinformation Company co-founder Richard Metzger, the series caused quite a stir when it aired on the UK’s Channel 4 TV network. The first season was bizarrely scheduled after Ally McBeal and surely messed with the heads of more than a few fans of that show; the second season went even further in challenging the network’s censors, resulting in Channel 4 refusing to air certain segments. Nonetheless, the series was a hit and was bought by SCI FI Channel in the United States. They didn’t quite realize what they’d paid for, apparently, and never aired the programs.


Be the first on your block to watch our new DVD compilation. After you see it don't forget to share it with friends. You receive a complimentary copy upon entry to the festival. Hard hitting work, satire and freaky music vids combine to show you a sampling of great work featured at this years Select Media Festival. Includes:
Witness the Fitness - Roots Manuva (Ninja Tune)
Terror, Iraq, Weapons - Mike Nourse
State of the Union - Bryan Boyce
Aftermath - GNN
It's On DJ Vadim feat Vakill (Ninja Tune)
Reality Check - Schneider Tm (City Slang/Mute)
Special Report - Bryan Boyce
The Most Dangerous Game - GNN
Verbal - Amon Tobin Feat MC Decimal R (NinjaTune)
GI Joe PSAs - Eric Fensler
Printer Jam - Douggpound
Sweetsmoke - Mr Scruff (Ninja Tune)
Integration - Spectralina
Copwatch - GNN
Election Collectibles - Bryan Boyce
Sales and Image Company Seminar #7- Eric Fensler
Orbits and Explosions - Mark Salemi
A Lesson in Business - Station Wagon Films
Videos de Paper Rad - Paper Rad



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