Join us for the release of our latest issue of lumpen where we try to explain what happened to america. The issue features a beautiful cover of John Kerry's head stuffed and mounted to a plaque.

Come celebrate Lumpen style in an aprés ski lodge setting in the recently Extreme Makeover-ed buddY space. As usual we have overdone the action by combing art installations, a video program, live music, djs, a Mix tape/cd gift exchange, cookies, and holiday spirits like PBR.

Installations include feirce eskimo cut outs by Elisa Harkins, the buddY fireplace lounge, our new artist wallpaper series, and a flock of deers on the roof. Well maybe not a flock. and maybe not on the roof..

Hot toddies and cocoa will be served during a screening of some new work. Please come early to see some fantastic and soothing animations from the select media festival archive. Nothing heavy, just amazing and sometimes hilarious work. New work by paper rad and amazing motion paintings by Barnstormers, Gi Joe PSAs and more. The program will repeat all nite.

Music makes the people come together, doesn't it? We invite you to participate in our winter potlatch mixtape gift exchange! Make a mix cd or tape or two and wrap it up. Bring it over and exchange it for oneor two made by a fellow human being. If you leave a gift then you can take a gift.

Then listen and see some live music by: the hardest working electronic music team, Lost Robot; and our man, Al Burian with his friends, doing an historical overview of punk rock songs via a live acoustic set. We hope we hear some Minutemen and Dead Kennedy covers.

And then. Freak out. Djs Logan Bay and Dj Brian Shapiro will rock your butt off.

Remember this is an aprés ski party. Wear some ski pants or legwarmers, bring your skis and happy sweaters. Dress like an elf.

Also remember that this is a fundraiser to pay for this issue of lumpen. We have leveraged our Swiss chalet's mortgage to get this one out. It has broken our backs.

Please donate $7-10 to help us keep the unpopular cultural revolution alive.

We will keep the spirits flowing.

Contact ed (at) if you are lost.

Saturday December 18, 2004 9pm
Lumpen Aprés Ski Party
BuddY 1542 n milwaukee ave 2nd floor