20X20X20 is a new event brought to you by your friends at Lumpen. Basically it’s show and tell for grown ups. Think of it as a way to to share ideas, projects, unusual information and personal obsessions. We invite fantastic people to share their passions, You get to meet them. The format is simple. 20 people are chosen to participate. They each get a chance to share 20 slides or digital files for 20 seconds a piece. That’s approximately 7 minutes of action per person! The presentations are done one after another with a break in between. It’s accompanied by good drink and tasty treats. Hopefully after the presentations you will learn something worthwhile, be charmed and entertained, and possibly make new friends.

Do you have a project that is bad ass? Have you taken photos from some parallel world that we need to see? Are you a bard or poet with the ability to share your world with a backdrop of images? How about slides of your latest designs for that new mouse trap? Do you have the answers to life’s probing questions? Are you a comedic genius? Is your portfolio really that good? Do you build things? Would you like to share 7 minutes of time with strangers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then we need you to take part in 20X20X20! send us your idea and we will let you know if we can accomodate you in future sessions. email edmar (at) lumpen (dot) com.

Next 20X20X20 August 20 at buddY
- Sign up and send us your idea for a presentation!

Our first event was fantastic.

Tuesday July 20, 2004 ::
At 20X20X20 #1 we learned about:
Cities of tomorrow, immigration law, the other amsterdam, how to use your Ipod as a secret portable hard drive, MTS in Brasil, Pop Culture as a Weapon, inflatables, sweet stories, smartmemes, and more...