ED's Easy HOUR 6.11.00

Get Easy!: Return flight was a surreal success! We're glad to be back throwing parties again. The atmosphere emulated an airport terminal complete with a metal detector, inflight snacks, flight attendants, great furniture, a real flying blimp, amazing visual mixing by Alibi Video, the moonwalk! and nice performances. If you weren't there you missed stellar DJ sets by DJ free association, Dj LeDeuce, Mr Unlucky and DJ Gigglebyte as wells as the glamourous performance by organ/drum combo, Missing Tooth. We want to thank all of the stewardesses that attended and hope to return agan next month with another gret easy party... we'll let you know when the footage is up on the web.


ED's Easy HOUR 4.25.00

Advance warning: June 9th, 2000. The old Skool, massive entertainment, over the top easy parties will begin again. Stay tuned for The return of Get Easy!, Congress Theatre, Chicago. Your favorite international stars, Easy Johnny, Cattivo , Bobby Conn and more will delight the deprived.

Get the new Broadcast album.

ED's Easy HOUR 3.23.00

Harvey Sid Fischer of the Zodiac Songs fame played at SXSW and Supersphere has the show streaming form their site. Check out his mercilous blend of Bob Dylan posing and off tone lounge crooning.

Easy Listening will get a kick in the pants next May when The Get Easy Sound System reintroduces THE SOUND at the Funky Buddah Lounge in Chicago. Twice monthly parties will commence. Check back here in May.

Did we already remind you to check out Luxuriamusic.com? They have a smatterring of lifestyle articles and a great 24 hr live radio station. The Milionaire from Combustible Edison is one of the partners that founded the project. You can also access Luxuria through your Real Player.

















Recorded over a period of three years, essentially in her bedroom for all it matters, Debbie Parsons, ex Third Eye Foundation, has created a vast, endless expanse of what almost amounts to fragments of ideas spliced together into an imaginary soundtrack. There are elements of every manner of real and imaginary soundtrack artists on here. The smooth drones typical of Eno, the strange momentary samples typical of Bill Nelson, the soft passages typical of Graeme Revell, fragmented noises like Nurse With Wound uses, soft singing like Badalamenti uses, dour whimsical moments typical of Jankowski. Foehn incorporates enough elements spread throughout the 28 pieces (only three are longer than three minutes in length) that what is created sounds both like enough music and sound elements to comprise one film, or sound like highlights from many films. Piano tinkling, white noise drones, loops, gentle singing, musique concrete lost and found sounds, guitars, electronic glitches and errors, noir keyboard passages -- the sound sources and stylistic elements are as varied as the pieces. I can't imagine all the possible "scenes" these sounds could come from in one sitting. If in doubt you can consult some of the song titles: "Chase In An Empty Space", "The Celebrations Cease To Impress", "Build Up To Falling", "We Live In A Sea Of Sound", "Suddenly He Realised He Could Fly". These pieces are almost like small poems. Make the movie sequences in your head. "Chase In An Empty Space": Oh, yeah, who can forget that famous scene with the wooden wheelchair in the parking garage? "The Celebrations Cease To Impress": Oh, remember that scene with the girl on crutches whose grandmother didn't make it to the birthday party, and the girl tears all the stuffing out of her stuffed bear? "Yellow Star": Who can forget that scene with the rhinoceros running around through the rural school yard? "Thanks For Saying Goodbye": Ha ha, wasn't that funny when it seemed like it was going to be a happy ending and then he drowned in the shipyard? What with the current trend/glut of "imaginary" soundtracks, it's nice to hear one that is so complex, it really could belong to a strange, difficult film. Or, perhaps even a slideshow? (But I better not say that or it will give ideas to a bunch of not very creative musicians.)

Standouts: "A Wild Face Pours Words On The Last Beach", "Chase In An Empty Space", "Thanks For Saying Goodbye"

Forestter Cobalt