Mr. Unlucky's Crash Landing Film music of an electronic and dangerous kind. > Play this show now

E.S. Worm - MPB We are privileged to have had E.S. Worm take time out from his busy schedule to educate us with his knowledge and love for Brazilian music. Here he offers us a softer side of Brazilian music, modern without being lite, and intelligent without being revolutionary. > Play this set now

Easy Ed - Over the Futuropolis Easy Ed has opened a crate of records containing sounds from the future. > Play this set now

LeDeuce - International Intrigue Music from movie soundtracks of international intrigue. > Play this set now

LeDeuce - Horror/Sci-Fi Uneasy atmospheric music from selected eerie moments of horror and science-fiction movies. > Play this set now

Mr. Unlucky's Centrifugal Lounge Mr. Unlucky wants you to take a seat in the rotating lounge, watch the hot binary go-go dancers spin around above your table, and drink electrified blue martinis while listening to virtual Now Sound, action jazz, moog music, Latin and Brazilian love drums, and hope you remember it all the next day. > Play this set now

Easy Ed - The French Connection Ooh la la! Easy Ed wants to make love to you on the table and spill wine all over your shirt. French music from past and present. >Play this set now

Wayne Montana - Untitled Wayne takes us all over the map, breaking time barriers with a cohesive flow. > Play this set now

DJ Barry Phipps - Hi Fi Set From the Wax Musuem Barry takes us way back to the early days of easy, spinning some rare vinyl-only releases with all the beautiful pops and crackles intact. > Play this set now

Ed's Easy Hour An hour of some of the easiest music you've ever heard, proving once again that Ed truly is the easiest man in Chicago. (Editor Notes: Ed's status as the eaiest man in Chicago is currently under ligigation, please disregard.) > Play this set now

E.S. Worm - Drums of Brazil:Samba, Tambor, Pagode & Axe E. S. Worm serves up an exciting mix of Brazilian drumming in many styles. > Play this set now

Easy Ed - La Dolce Vita Some of the most amazing music has come out of Italy, much of which has appeared on motion picture soundtracks; Easy Ed gives us a sample. > Play this set now

LeDeuce - Easy Soundtracks A collection of easy music from various movies, with a special solute to secret agent films. > Play this set now

Nautical Almanac vs. Sofa Channel - Moon Rocket 1 When man gazes up at the moon, what does he see? Strange green men bedecked in the skins of wondrous yet terrifying creatures, dancing around a purple fire, in a crazed frenzy of savage rituals. When man finally reaches the moon, will he be greeted with joy, or hunted down and killed? > Play this set now





Step aboard the jet, we're on a collision course with luxury. Fly back in time to the world of the jet set, filled with the exciting sounds of international music, easy listening, evocative soundtracks, lounge, jazz, the exotic, and the erotic. We're ready to take you where no other Internet easy listening station has taken you before.

JET SET RADIO is being streamed from, a sister web project. You need The Real Player 7 Basic or better to hear the sets. It really is free....


Also complements of supersphere.... WATCH live sets by Momus and Toog.