Bridgeport: Community of the Future Experimental Culture Zone
Oct. 22–November 13, 2005

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

Select Media Festival helps kick start a new artistic “cultural center” along a one block area on 3100 – 3200 South Morgan St that hosts three independent stores: Quimby’s , Myopic Books and Odd Obsession Video, alongside the only coffee house in Bridgeport and a local favorite Dive bar, Maria’s Liquors. The “Zone” will play host to workshops, presentations and other independent media projects to create sites of interaction between residents, visitors and the wide range of independent media culture that these stores will supply. Although programming for Select Media Festival will be throughout the October 20 to November 13 period,
Quimby’s Bridgeport, Myopic 2 and Odd Obsession South will only be open on the weekends.

Quimby's/ Myopic/ Odd Obession Hours
Fridays 6-9 pm
Saturdays 1am to 8pm
Sundays 1pm – 8pm


Quimby’s Bridgeport (3201 S Morgan) will host workshops and presentations during SMF4.
It's at 3201 S. Morgan, which is south of W. 31st street and west of Halsted, between and S. Aberdeen and S. Lituanica Ave.

The schedule is:

Sunday Oct 23rd 6PM
Stencil Workshop:
We will have some cardboard and cutting utensils you just need to bring images to work with and learn the basics of stencil making, Marty Garcia from the Southside artist collective "House of Payne" will be your will be leading the workshop. Check out

Saturday Oct 29th 7PM
Imaginary History Fauxhemian Wine Tasting
Bring your own bottle of wine/non-alcoholic wine/wine-flavored beverage of your choosing (decorate the label first), and discuss the the history you've created. How was this wine prepared? With what does it pair well? Where
does it come from? How does it taste? What is delicious/lame about it? What is the vintage? This is all up to you. Cheese will be provided. Feel free to wear those cocktail outfits that you feel like you're all dressed up in but have nowhere to go.

Sunday Oct 30th 5PM
Randall Bailey local artist behind "Slitte" & "The Christopher Worm" presents an interactive presentation with a sort of artificial intelligence
- in that a sort of communication is established between the viewer and what
is being viewed. Using original drawings, sound and collage Randall will do something strange to your mind.

Sunday Nov 6th
Gutters Special Southside edition 5PM
Gutters is a free independent printed media workshop with an emphasis on minicomics and zines. Gutters has two main goals, the first being teaching people all about indie printed media. We do this by bringing in special guests for demos and discussions. If it's on paper and there's more than one of them, we'll show you how to do it. The other goal is to help the DIY publishing community here in Chicago get to know one another. There is a social aspect to all of our events, and we really want to get people together and excited about self-publishing. Gutters is free and open to anyone. We normally meet the last Sunday of every month at Chicago Comics,
3244 N. Clark from 3 to 6PM. So this will be a special edition.
For more
info check our blog at

Sunday Nov 13th 5PM
Join members of the "Diamonds on Archer" collective as they demonstrate how silk screening works. Bring items to be screened and walk out with a new take on fashion and D.I.Y. printing.