The Bridgeport Art Walk (2nd edition)
October 22, noon - 5pm (additional prgramming throughout the night)
Select Media Festival in collaboration with MN gallery and Chicago Artists Month has programmed and mapped out spaces and locations to create an alternative cultural cartography of the neighborhood. This detourism map of the neighborhood can be used as a walking guide to Bridgeport. Spaces galleries and the Select Media fesival on the map will be open from noon to 5pm (and later). The map includes the newly designated North Bridgeport Arts Triangle.

Download a pdf map of the Bridgeport Art Walk
View a map of the Bridgeport Art Walk
View a Google Map of the Community of the Future:

SMF4 Bridgeport Art Walk Tours:
Don't miss two special tours of the neighbourhood.

Bubbly Creek

2pm Leaving from Iron Studios 3636 S Iron St.
People settled in the Ganges valley in ancient times and came to regard it as a sacred waterway, although today it is abominably contaminated. Much later, cholos such as you and I have made our homes along the banks of the south fork of the south branch of the Chicago River, better known as Bubbly Creek. Why do some rivers attract impossibly huge populations? Why is pollution and squalor deemed holy? How do the putrid waters define our existence? Embark on a journey that will reunite you with Ma Ganga, the divine source.

Everything's All Right (A Walking Tour)

3pm Leaving from Kaplan’s Liquors 960 W 31st St
A guided play in three acts by Pooper and Rotten Milk, the creative team behind “The Sparkettes”. Meet with your guides at 3:00 pm on Saturday at Maria's (also known as Kaplan's Liquors). They will take you on a guided tour starting at the Laundrymat on Morgan and ending at the Iron Studios. Bring your body and maybe a friend's body.

Bridgeport Art Walk at Nite 5pm - ?
There are a number of evening programs of interest.

Husbanken Initiative
Reception Oct 22 6-10 pm

Iron Studios
3636 S Iron St 1st floor

Select Media festival sponsor, Husbanken, opens an office in the Iron Studios Building (3636 S Iron st 1st floor) to unveil their plans for Norwegian-style social housing. Historically the US helped Norway after WWII under the Marshall Aid program. Husbanken was started in 1946 as part of the rebuilding of the country. Now, it’s time to return the favor. As part of a program to help the US rebuild its splintered city communities, Husbanken launches a project in Bridgeport, to show that social and sustainable public housing is possible also in the US.

Office open October 22 - November 13, 20051pm – 5pm Saturday and Sundays

Iron Studios Program during the Bridgeport Art Walk

3636 S Iron St 2nd floor
Iron Studios will be open from noon to midnight, particpating in the Bridgport Art Walk and also playing host to exhibitions, performances and a fundraiser for Katrina victims that are artists.

Noon to 5pm New Chicagoans (See Oct 21)
Noon to 5pm Fossil Fools Gallery (See Oct 21)
Noon to 5pm Kiss Blink Sync
6pm Select Media festival Dinner :: Korean Polish Bar-B-Q
8pm Fundraiser for Quintron (New Orleans Artist Fund) Paper Rad, Doo Man Group, Gay Nerds, Paper Rad Videos, Bobby Conn, Magas

Kiss Blink Sync Vessel is a sculptural modular synthesizer that produces a live video stream. The work physically, visually, and mathematically presents and represents electric current. Working with the constraints/freedoms and fragility/fundamentality of analog technology LoVid’s objects and videos are conceived as codes from a parallel civilization where media is tangible and emotional. Kiss Blink Sync Vessel was produced during a residency at Eyebeam Atelier and will be streamed from Eyebeam to the SMF4 performance room.

Performers at Iron Studios
Paper Rad is Jessica Ciocci, her brother Jacob, and their friend Ben Jones. Since the year 2000 they have created a massive catalogue of self-published and self-distributed comics and magazines, videos, audio cassette tapes, hand-painted t-shirts, stuffed sewn dolls, audio cd-rs, and records. They have exhibited or performed at numerous galleries and museums around the world, including the 2004 Whitney Biennial, The 2004 Liverpool Biennial, Deitch Projects, The Institute of Contemporary Art, London, and The Tate Britain. Most recently, they completed two music videos for Beck and created a massive cardboard castle for Philadelphia’s Space 1026. Earlier this year, Paper Rad was named one of ArtReview’s 25 emerging artists. They are represented by Foxy Production. Paper Rad will perform with Gay Nerds, the Doo Man Group, show some of their video work, and maybe have some mini comics for sale. Check out their website:

Bobby Conn is Chicago.

Magas is James Marlon Magas, electronic warlord of Chicago's blown-out wasteland. Magas has been making fucked up music for over 12 years, beginning with the primitive thud of COUCH, through the banshee wail of Lake of Dracula, to present-day solo work as MAGAS.

After party:
Interaction at the House of the Future

2025 S Halsted
An evening of live audio visual performance in the house of the future with new films by Andy Barker from Severed Head Productions, Shadowy go-go dancers,
Libra Revolution, Party simulcast from Europe
International VJ/DJ extravaganza:
Tadas Poceivcius
DJ bubbles
DJaded (in absentia)
Others to be announced
Bring libations and your bad future self to this Bridgeport Art Walk.

Bridgeport Art Walk Participants include:

Texas Ballroom 3012 S. Archer Ave
Hey Cadets 3012 S. Archer Ave 1st floor
Iron Studios/Select Media Festival 4 3636 S Iron St
mn gallery+studio 3524 S Halsted St
Zhou B Center/33 Collective 1029 W 35th
East Bank Storage Artist Studios 1200 W 35th St, 3rd Floor
Jason Dunda 3259 S Union #2M
Molinda Pirtle-Johnston 3216 S Emerald Ave
Bridgeport Museum of Modern Art 3213 S Lituanica Ave
Kaplan's Liquors 960 31st St
Bridgeport Coffee House 3101 S Morgan St
UrbanLab 3209 S Morgan St
Judy Natal 3256 S Morgan St
Alex Gordon 3339 S Morgan St
Manraya Studio 2201 S Halsted St
House of the Future 2025 S Halsted
Bubba and Skeeter's Art Garage 2025 S Halsted
Lunar Burn Studio 2213 S Union Suite 306
Parlour 1750 W 35th St
IIT / Paul Galvin library 35 W 33rd St
Clinard Sculpture Studio 629 W Cermak Rd Suitte 408
Quimby's Bridgeport 3201 S Morgan
Myopic Books 2 3100 S Morgan St
Odd Obsession 3129 S Morgan St