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Spread Cheese Not War!
In recent weeks there have been reports of anti-French sentiment breaking out all over the US. Our Congressmen have called for boycotts of French wine, cheese and other products. Republican voters are dumping their wine in the streets and SUVs have been seen smashing photos of President Jaques Chirac. there is even a restauranteer who has changed the name of french fries to "freedom" fries. And on the legislative front U.S. House Speaker Rep. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) has said he'd like to impose stricter health sanctions on French mineral water and introduce other economic sanctions to damage the French economy.

Many politicians claim Americans support these sanctions because of the French government's refusal to go along with U.S. military actions in Iraq and against Saddam Hussein. These same politicians like to mention that France would either be a Nazi or Soviet republic if we did not come to their aid to liberate them from Nazi occupation so many years ago.

Citizens for Spreading the Cheese would like to point out that a couple of hundred years ago the French were America's first ally, helping the colonies in the War of Independence against Britain. And we hope this tradition of mutual aid will continue in the years ahead. It seems clear to us that the French are merely doing what they are good at: resisting totalitarian impulses and policies that today are evidenced by the current Bush administration. This "French resistance" is an old form of protest that we Americans should investigate more thoroughly. Keep in mind World War 3 America is not the same America that went to fight in WW 2. Perhaps the French experience with fascism may allow us to face our domestic challenges with some élan and instruction.

Citizens for Spreading the Cheese see the French decision to not support the American case for War as a courageous and democratic act of dissention and represents worldwide resistance to American hegemony. We applaud the efforts of our French Allies in a time of great distress and support their diplomatic efforts at finding a peaceful resolution to the Iraq crisis instead of using the "War on Terrorism" as an excuse to advance American foreign policy a la Bush.

We believe as do the French and most of the world that the case for war in Iraq has not been made. We see the irrational calls for boycotts against French products proposed by our political leaders as a crass sign of intolerance and an act of punishing dissent and free speech- an undemocratic position which all Americans oppose.

To support French efforts for peace and their position for empowering the inspections and diplomacy to work, Citizens for Spreading the Cheese are calling for a "Buy in" on French products. By purchasing products like French goat cheese or French Bordeaux wine we symbolically support the French position in finding a peaceful solution to the Iraq crisis. We also encourage this action to register a vote against the current US position. By using the internet as a global form of protest, we hope this message of support will reach our French allies as well as citizens in America who want to support efforts at resolving the crisis without killing thousands of civilians.

What you can do:

Join the "Buy In" on March 5th and every day you can. Purchase some French wine and cheese and have a party with your friends to discuss ways to stop the Bush administration's march to war.
Take part in actions around the country:
for example in Chicago there is a moratorium action on March 5

you can also email the French UN representative and support a Veto of an American lead UN resolution to attack Iraq
you can also email the
russian ::
and Chinese reps ::

You should also spread the word and the cheese to your friends. Let your local news outlet know that you are buying and not boycotting French products. Have an action and publicise it. Try making a press release to let the media know that you are supporting peace with Cheese..
And let's not forget the efforts by the Belgium and German people, too. Besides buying French wine and goat cheese, buy Belgium ale and cheese, German beer and other products.

If buying products is not your bag have a creative protest, make and post fliers and posters to SPread the Cheese on march 5. ooooh lala. VIVE LA PAIX.

Have a french kissing party. You can rent Jean Luc Godard films like "Weekend" and host french movie screenings at your home. Video makers can have a detournement party (bringing video to cut up) and re-edit to make a french kiss mix. Cut up the saddam hussein and george bush interviews and speeches..
you get the idea...

send us your buy in or other solidarity ideas and we will mention them on our site and let people know what kind of support you are giving to the peace movement.
vive la revolucion and merci for your particpation!

- a creative response and resistance from your friends in the US and Citizens for Spreading the Cheese.