is over...
Images form the last days here and here and here --> HERE (future view) or HERE (adobe view)

if you are wondering where we went make some inquiries at the conversation.

if you have took any photos at any of the buddy events please contact edmar .
he is trying to collect everything before we forget....

email images to ed(at)lumpen(dot)com
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you cannot Call buddY at 773.342.7332 to reach the not so hotline:

1542 n. milwaukee ave.
2nd floor

chill 60622 u$A

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Sorry for the absense. buddy is about to end as we know it.
thanks for joining us!

last days of buddy:::

July 16 Lumpen turns 14!
July 20: weird childrens tv show for adults
july 23: private action
july?? ___

///// buddy dies August 1.


Notable past things:

April 22-May 1:

Version festival. 10 days of love in a culture war against the new feudalism.


online program

Wednesday April 26, 2005 :: 8pm
BuddY:: 1542 n Milwaukee ave 2nd floor
$5 donation.
20X20X20 Nite!

20X20X20 is a regular event brought to you by Lumpen. Basically it’s show and tell for grown ups. Think of it as a way to to share ideas, projects, unusual information and personal obsessions. We invite fantastic people to share their passions, You get to meet them. The format is simple. 20 people are chosen to participate. They each get a chance to share 20 slides or digital files for 20 seconds a piece. That’s approximately 7 minutes of action per person! The presentations are done one after another with a break in

Oct 13-22 Select Media Festival 3


April 16-May 1
buddY Hosted Version>04 InvisibleNetworks Convergence.



Lumpen 91 Release Party
Lumpen 92 Release Party

Select Media festival 2

Save America

Freedom Festival

Laptronica Idol

Lumpen !2 years : visit :

Saturday, May 10 Modsquare presents: softWEAR // great photos are located here.

Illegal- Art Mash Up Video Festival February 7 and 8, 2003
Feb 7/8 ;; buddy, select media and lumpen are hosted a film program and throw down for the Illegal Art show.Full information here::

>january 11, 2003

buddy is an artist run space, an effort in creating room for experimental music, performance, workshops, discussions, and exhibitions. Our goal is to foster a habitat and cultural space for emerging accidents, radical culture and intentional community organising. we love you.

1542 n milwaukee 2nd floor chicago il 60622 773.342.7332

some featured past events/exhibition::

Select Media festival 2
softWEAR // great photos are located here and here // Select Media Festival
Select 04 release party [pics]
Summer of Love Operations
Lumpenwave Revenge of the 80s [pic1] [pic2] [pic3]
Perversion ::: >REPEAT OFFENDER FASHION BENDER : ; Illegal-Art Mash Up Video Festival


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