This is the page where we keep our favorite DJ sets and audio curios from the past.

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Lumpen is pleased to announce the arrival of wpbr radio. Check out the new site here. Our goal is to share some of the local talents Chicago has to offer and to showcase the sounds and ideas that are influencing our version of nightlife and culture.


new setDJ Rik Shaw : : Radio Rick Shaw 2.7.01 : :

new setWayne Montana : : 1.30.01

new setDJ Easy Ed : : Easy Beats : :


DJ Bell Poort : : Untitled : : A highly eclectic mix from Amsterdam that's kind of funky, kind of acid jazzy, kind of '80s electrofried. PLAY FILE > >

DJ: LeDeuce : : Freaky Funk : : Funky music featured in soundtracks from films of the 1970s. PLAY FILE > >

DJ LeDeuce : : Horror/Sci-Fi : : Uneasy atmospheric music from selected eerie moments of horror and science-fiction movies. PLAY FILE > >

DJ LeDeuce : : International Intrigue : : Music from movie soundtracks of international intrigue. PLAY FILE > >

DJ Easy Ed : : The French Connection : : Ooh la la! Easy Ed wants to make love to you on the table and spill wine all over your shirt. French music from past and present (wait 20 seconds before the set kicks in). PLAY FILE > >

DJ Richard Cameron (of Arling & Cameron) Show: : 3-7.00 Sugar coated club-pop. PLAY FILE > >

DJ The Great Silence : : Untitled : : Known for his unique blending of Italian western soundtracks with Jamaican dancehall tracks, The Great Silence showcases his incredible dancehall stylings for us. PLAY FILE > >

DJ Easy Ed : : Over The Futuropolis : : Easy Ed has opened a crate of records containing sounds from the future. PLAY FILE > >

DJ Easy Ed Show: : La Dolce Vita : : Some of the most amazing music has come out of Italy, much of which has appeared on motion picture soundtracks; Easy Ed gives us a sample. PLAY FILE > >

DJ Mr. Unlucky : : Mr. Unlucky Goes Latin : : When Mr. Unlucky recently travelled back in time to the '70s, he ended up South America. Since he wasn't able to bring anything with him, he had to buy new records when he was there. Twenty-five years later, a package arrived in the mail. It's this mix of soul grooves, Brasilian sambas, and Latin funk. PLAY FILE > >

The Something New Show # 4 : : Featuring recent releases by: Dream City Film Club, Tarwater, Bobby Hughes Experience, Basement Jaxx remixed by Eric Morillo and Harry Romero, Peace Orchestra, Gillian Welch, Zen Guerilla, Isotope 217, Mu-Ziq, and Labradford. PLAY FILE > >

The Something New Show # 5 : : Featuring new music by: Bobby Hughes Experience, United Future Organization, Handsome Boy Modeling School, DJ Vadim, Emperor Penguin, Mu-Ziq, Broadcast remixed by Andy Votel, Leftfield, Fantastic Plastic Machine remixed by Tanimoody, Stereolab, Ursula 1000, Gentle People, and Bobby Conn. PLAY FILE > >