Version Programming Platforms
The following are some basic platforms areas for Version Festival. Most works and projects typically will be programmed under these platforms. Each year we accept around 300-400 initiatives, works and projects by participants. Our goal is to help facilitate and realize ones that best fit our festival goals budget and capabilities. This year's exhibitions and programs include:

The NFO EXPO (pronounced "info expo") brings art groups and community orgs together to exchange information and ideas as well as provide a public platform for each group to present themselves. WE see it as a trade show for experimental art, emerging spaces, and radical exchange. It's our version of what an art fair could be.

Through the simple presentation format of a booth or table, based on a science fair model, we will facilitate straight-forward exchanges about what is going on locally in various communities, from disparate neighborhoods in Chicago, to cities all over the world. Media and art collectives, anti-globalization initiatives, community projects, alt spaces, and other art/activist initiatives are represented this year. The NFO XPO takes Place April 28 and 29, 2007 during Chicago's city wide annual art fair weekend. See the calendar entry on April 28 for more info.

Urban Gardening and Exterior Decorating: Hostile Takeover
How can urban environments become areas for personal and ideological transformations? How can artists create charged public space? In this show we expose the dynamics and aesthetics of street art and recent guerrilla communication. We consider public space in urban environments as a forum for change, and explore, visually, ways of altering and reclaiming our surroundings. Looking for: street art (stickers, cut-outs, Xerox-able pages, stencils), anti corporate actions, tactical media projects, culture jamming activities, public art interventions, micro actions, billboard modifications, DIY urbanism, office pranks, social hacking and technology hacking ideas, agit prop posters, how-to guides, etc. This year the UGED show will be a mobile operation and exhibition system that will have temporary "shows" throughout the city

Curatorial Projects
In order to facilitate wider participation by visiting groups/guests from around the country and abroad we are providing project/exhibition spaces to curators, groups and collectives to share projects, initiatives, exhibitions. This year the 43rd Annual Versionfest Photographic Invitational and the UNKRAUT photos shows will exhibit exceptional photography from around the US and Germany.

Free University (FREE U)
We are placing workshops, presentations, demonstrations, talks, lectures and classes within the framework of the Free University platform. Free University Programs will be presented during April 28, 29 and May 5 and 6.

Live Musical Performances
Live performance is a strong component of the festival. Performances will take place throughout the city in clubs, Version spaces and other facilities. Musical Performances take place throughout the festival.

Performance/ Interventions/ Mobile Projects
Picnics, tours, public interventions, anarchist marching bands, creative disturbances in public space, initiatives by space invaders and hijackers and performance artists of all stripes welcome. This Year Version will wage an Art War on the existing Art Fair structure of Chicago. We will engage the enemy by land, water and air. Dozens of organisations and groups have organised the alternative art festival : Carnival of Art on the River on April 27, 2007. Version is a sponsor and is leading its Art War Campaign on it's inauguration.

Radical Magical History Mystery Tours
Version likes to present guerrilla guides and unprofessional historians to give us tours relating to Chicago's radical pasts. This year we are proud to suppor the Haymarket Ride on April 29.

Underground Multiplex (Film/Video)
Version and its sister festival Select Media Festival are always seeking fresh video work: We show experimental, documentary, animation, and shorts of all types welcome. This year the program is spread throughout festival sites.

Version Group Show: We're Rollin', They're Hatin'
This show features work based on escapism, fantasy and imaginary worlds. Please visit for updates. Or visitthe April 20 opening entry in our calendar.