5pm @ Co-Prosperity Sphere • 32nd Place & Morgan

This discussion will start as a presentation about the accelerating pace of technological change and how these changes will be disruptive to society. It will cover advances in biotechnology, nanotechnology, cognitive science, and computer science, and how these will recursively interact and potentially lead us towards a technological “singularity.” Specific topics will include genetic engineering, longevity, communication networks, open source initiatives, nanofabrication, and the militarization of space. These technologies and inevitable changes pose many risks — both to our personal freedoms and to humanity and the Earth as a whole — but they might also provide anarchists with the tools and opportunities to undertake drastic social change *in our lifetimes*. After the presentation, we are interested in having a discussion on how pro-tech anarchists can best position ourselves to take advantage of these technologies/changes and use them to our advantage to establish a free, transhuman, post-scarcity society.


9pm Co-Prosperity Sphere • 32nd Place & Morgan

Bobby Conn presents: King for a Day
Does faith require spectacle? Is self-promotion the primary goal of American society? Bobby Conn knows the answer is YES, loud and clear. He gladly embraces the most cynical hypocrisies, and eagerly awaits the opportunity to sell his soul to any passing Mephistopheles. He is a student of the motivational speaker and the self-help guru and values confidence and authority above truth and knowledge. He loves a winner, but blames himself for his own lack of success. He is a failed opportunist, a hapless victim of his own ambition. He is constantly undermined by his own ignorance and arrogance but assumes that any admission of guilt is a sign of weakness. He cannot learn from his mistakes, and interprets failure as a call for more aggressive striving. He is deluded and lost in the fantasy of his own ego, yet the pathos of his delusion arouses sympathy and is the key to his appeal. He is a walking metaphor for American culture. Chicago’s glam-rock king returns from a tour of Europe for the hometown premiere of his new rock opera.

Opens with Bobby Conn Videos by Usama Alshaibi.

Additional Performances by:
A Gun that Shoots Knives
A theatrical rock band with colorful costumes based out of Seattle and Bellingham, Washington. They perform songs aboutsuchwideranging topics as: robocop, robots, robot spiders, the benefits of soap, how to kill lizardmen, dwarves, coalminers, the US postal system, falling off your skateboard, cake made from ice cream, Chinese puzzle boxes, literacy, etc, etc, etc.

Grace Kulp
Dark industrial folk performed in a forest made of wax by a man dressed like a skeleton.