NO parade
12 noon to 2 pm
$10 Donation

The NO Parade is a sidewalk parade. At the same time it is an anti-parade, an anti-spectacle — in other words, it is no parade. Participation in the NO Parade is open to anyone who is interested. Rather than a large gathering of people in one place marching together in the street, the NO parade consists of individuals (or perhaps small groups of two or three) who will walk/march along the sidewalk on the same day and at the same time but in different areas of the city. This parade is simultaneously collective and individual, apparent and unnoticeable, one whole and many disparate parts. This parade can take place at the same time anywhere in the world. Participants will march for at least half an hour and at most two hours on Saturday, May 5, from noon to 2 pm.
For more information, go to or e-mail Jenny Roberts at or Vesna Grbovic at


Co-Prosperity Sphere • 32nd Place & Morgan


Local Publications Discuss Resource Sharing
AREA Chicago will facilitate one of their INFRASTRUCTURE discussion events for the spring series on the topic of HOW WE GET INFORMATION? This discussion will deal with critical locally focused publications and newspapers discussing how to better coordinate their efforts. Presentations will be heard from representatives of AREA Chicago, Skeleton News, Contra Tiempo, Journal of Ordinary Thought, Lumpen, Indymedia and more.

Keeping some culture free of commerce

Anne Elizabeth Moore
2007 will be remembered as the year independent cultural production ceased to be viable. It’s no coincidence that this comes on the heels of a series of megacorporate marketing campaigns that aimed to emulate, appropriate, adopt, and co-opt independent art and media practices—and in many cases, began to destroy their effectiveness in the process. This slideshow and discussion will look at three incidents from 2005 that continue to influence marketing: Lucasfilm’s underground ad campaign for Star Wars, Nike SB’s appropriation of Minor Threat album art, and Sony and Axe graffiti. We’ll look closely at the planners and players in each of these mass-market campaigns and discuss how they came about, who benefit from them, and who responded to them—a discussion that ties into changing notions of intellectual property rights issues and new strategies for marketing beyond branding. We’ll use these as background to discuss—show—how we can continue to create a space for resistance in the underground when our very modes of media-making and dissent have been co-opted already by marketing forces. (From the upcoming New Press book Unmarketable: Brandalism, Copyfighting, Mocketing, and the Erosion of Integrity,

4pm The EyeBeam Roadshow
New York's premier center for art and technology flies in a renegade team of artists, hackers, and amateur astronauts to excite, inspire and amaze.  The Eyebeam Roadshow will consist of 5 mini-lectures from fellows and residents of Eyebeam's OpenLab and Production Lab.  Topics may include; mind control, how to make a machine to make you famous, how to allow Chinese dissidents access to the internet, and anti-advertising judo.  With Steve Lambert (Anti-Advertising Agency), Jeff Crouse (-explosion-), Jamie O'Shea (Founder of Placebo Brand Placebo), Stephanie Rothenberg (School of Perpetual Training), Jamie Wilkinson (Network Ninja).

Plus 3 Damage
8pm @ Co-Prosperity Sphere • 32nd Place & Morgan
$10 Donation

Extended gallery hours for We're Rollin' They're Hatin' plus extra special performances.

Complicated Horse Emergency
Presents “Time Never Stops”, an installation / performance / musical play written and directed by Gary Gluey and Buckthorn Gaylord. The story takes place in the alternate universe of Squeem Valley which is reached by traveling through the Sparkly Protectoid. Upon entering the players will find themselves at the border of the villages of “Whispery Trickles” and “Florb”. On the chosen day, at a time deemed suitable by someone, interdimensional travelers may, should they choose to do so, attend the Mr. Most Smartest Awards of 2035, an annual celebratory competition held between the two villages where delinquent girls, mutants, lunatics, Phil Collins, Phil Collins, Phil Collins, Phil Collins, retards, demons, Phil Collins and various royalty all converge in musical play fashion in order to determine which residents of said villages are the most bestest at stuff.

Brilliant Pebbles
A Chinese film and fashion composer. A Polish singer, actress and artist. Two American writers. One, an editor of music and English definitions, The other a fiction storyteller. Animal spirits and ghosts make sounds that boast the most toast.

This is My Condition
Craig Comstock of Lawrence Kansas plays the drums and the guitar at the same damn time!

Sewn Leather
Industrial beats and worldly rhymes by Washington’s Throbbing Griffin, a milk-mustached traveler cut from the finest cloth.

Tirra Lirra
Brian Hank Henry and friends make lush dreamy soundscapes.

Fake Lake
Improvised horns, vocals and drums with live looping featuring members of Scalpels.

DJs Erin Weber & Rotten Milk