9PM @ Co-Prosperity Sphere • 32nd Place & Morgan
$10 Donation

Extended gallery hours and performance program

Featuring Performances by:

Bird Names (CD Release Show)
Sweet campfire style singalongs with hooks made of books. You’ll feel like you know the songs even if you don’t.

Chicago noise royalty with a flair for performance.

Michael Columbia
Experimental-rock vets via Chicago, Philly, and Athens, the duo of David McDonnell [Bablicon (Misra), Need New Body (File 13)], and Dylan Ryan [Icy Demons (Cloud), Orso (Perishable)] fashion a stylized synthesis of psychedelic drone, searing saxophone, and heavy beats layering electronics, rhythm, and melody under the watchful eyes of Syd Barrett and Miles Davis.

Winner of the Version>06 Noise Awards Sweet 16 Competition, Brenmar is a multinstrumentalist creating layered soundscapes on the spot.

Evolution Revolution
Performance artists from Troy NY dress up as animals and wrestle. Get hip to the new ancient sounds of the future with goddess worshipping heretics.

Lovely Little Girls
Strangulated musical Dada-ist theatrical convulsions of Gregory Jacobsen and company.

Mondo 2000
After the bands, glow in the dark freakout in the bassment with 4000 watt blacklight, neon costumes by Jamie Fletcher and Zach McLucky and music by junglist Surra the Hun.