Produced by the Public Media Institute, a non profit 501 3c corporation, Version is an annual springtime convergence that brings together over 500 artists, musicians, and educators from around the world to present some of the most challenging ideas and progressive art projects of our day. The eighteen day festival showcases emerging trends in art, technology and music and has earned critical accolades here in Chicago and abroad.

The hybrid art festival / art fair brings together individuals, groups and networks that utilize visual and conceptual art strategies, innovative social practices, public art projects, and new music to push the counter cultures forwards.

Version festival presents a diverse program of activities featuring an exposition/art fair called the NFO EXPO, multiple art exhibitions, urban events, film screenings, interactive technologies, performances, street art, presentations, talks, workshops, and art rendezvous and action.

Alternative spaces open for staging actions. Public spaces and corporate places become terrains of intervention.
Much of Version>07 Insurrection Internationale was programmed via an open online submissions platform.Other projects and programs were selected and curated by the Version>07 Organisers


Eleanor Balson, Logan Bay, Max Brotman, Mariapaz Camargo, Eloise Dahl, John Gitelson, Eric Graf, Melanie Johnson, Cody Hudson, Anne Lass, Matt Malooly, Ed Marszewski, Rachael Olson, Rotten Milk, Ilana Percher, Eric Ringbloom, Jessie Short, Jennifer Thompson, Brian Ulrich, Zack Weil.
Guest Curators:
Jacob Ciocci, E*Rock, Steve Lambert



Press inquiries should be made to ed(at)lumpen(dot)com
Our address is:
3219 S. Morgan St
Chicago Il 60608


Version would like to thank the following organizations, collectives, institutions and individuals for their help and support, without which Version>07 would not be possible:
Maria (the Peggy Guggenheim of Bridgeport) Marszewski, Michael Marszewski and his posse of Union Cholos, Zhou B. Center, John Babbington, Tim Tuten, Jerry Boyle, Hunter Husar, Daniel, Threadless, Ashley of PBR, Wizards of the Coast, Mike Slattery, Mindfield, Nat and Melissa, Terry Plumming, Pillow Fighters, Elisa Harkins, Michael Genovese, Sigh and Sonny, The Viking and posse, Oskar Friedl, Jon Song and gang, Artist Movers, Michael Degraff, The villagers, Zhou Brothers, Bad At Sports, Yoshie Suzuki, Mess Hall, Joey, Rand Sevilla, Gregory Calvert, Souvenir, Young Archer, Secret Order of the Lamprey, Brant Villieux, Greg Stimac, Joel Bruner, Michael Workman, Ideotech, Penelope’s, Randall Kober, Daniel Tucker, Daniel Pope, Patrick Willi, Liz Armstrong, Dave Dobie, Lisa Flores, CAN TV, nata2.org, OnShore, innercourse, Mike Evans, Plaines Project, Nihilist, Andy Ortman, Mule Magazine, Flower Shoppe, Quimbys, Tim Wood, Una Mae’s, Joe Bryl and Sonotheque, ThreeWalls, and all the volunteers and folks that helped us fundraise, build stuff, promote, install works, donated materials, make food and kick ass.


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version is also the sister festival to Select Media Festival